BDS, Anti-Israel Activism: Part of a Larger Ideology

The left has chosen sides, defining anyone they decide are oppressed as people of color and everyone they see as an evil oppressor as white. Of course, it’s racist to judge people by the color of their skin and it’s wholly inaccurate. However, the left claims only oppressors can be racist. Oh, and yeah, if you’re Jewish you can be black as coal but you are still a colonialist oppressor and therefore white.

This all rises out of Edward Said’s Orientalism and a popular academic theory on the left that tries to tie all struggles of “oppressed” people together into a neat, tidy package. Intersectionality, as it is often called, has turned into an ideology that is defended with almost religious fervor.  That defense allows almost any barbaric behavior by the “oppressed” because their oppression justifies the behavior.  All the misogyny, racism, religious intolerance, homophobia, lack of basic human rights, even slavery are ignored because of the supposed “oppression” of those cultures.  If they are explained or discussed at all they are dismissed as a natural consequence of the West’s white supremacist patriarchal colonial system.  I’ve seen and heard that exact language being used, repeatedly, on social media and in person.

I’ve also been branded a “cultural racist” because I dared point out that the glorification of death and the acceptance and justification of terrorism in Palestinian and wider Islamic society is, indeed, a problem within those cultures. Anyone who defends Israel in any way, shape or form is a Zionist and therefore, by leftist definition, the worst kind of “racist” on the planet.

This kind of divisiveness has been a trait of both far left and far right movements for a very long time.  For example, Marxist theory divided people into two classes:  proletariat (oppressed) and bourgeois (oppressor) as well.  It’s an attempt to redefine good and evil to suit the ideology, and goes hand in hand with demonizing traditional organized religion.

The real problem is that this is being taught as fact at major universities throughout the West together with a large dose of revised or entirely fictional “history”.  The effect is to brainwash our young people to hate themselves and their culture.  Christians and Jews in particular have been defined as oppressors by the left.  Muslims, including radical Islamists, are defined as oppressed. While this world view has been promoted in the ivory towers of Western academia for decades it is now reinforced by social media and the Internet as well as traditional media. It’s now easy to find other people with radical views who then feed off each other.

Consequently leftists then work to destroy their own nations and their own culture. Their co-opting of university education in the west is defended as “academic freedom” and any attempt to question these teachings is defined as censorship and dismissed as a form of oppression designed to keep the oppressors in permanent control.  Those who see this as a threat to our way of life and to human rights need to point out, loudly and firmly, that this is an abuse of the freedom that the left attacks.  We may have to tolerate these ideas, however repulsive, as free speech.  We don’t have to fund it or pay to have it taught in our colleges and universities, often to the exclusion of any conflicting views.  If we don’t change the dominance of this ideology in our institutions of higher education I seriously worry about what our society will look like in 20 or 30 years time and whether Western freedoms and rights will still exist.

About the Author
Caitlyn Martin is an American Jewish IT professional specializing in Linux, UNIX and information security. She currently lives in North Carolina. Caitlyn's father was Israeli and fought in the 1948-49 War of Independence. She maintains strong family ties to Israel and hopes to make aliya in the not too distant future.
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