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BDS at the National Education Association

The “National Education Association”, the largest labor union of the USA, has included a “boycott and BDS Israel” call in its Agenda at its annual meeting June 30 – July 3. The call is included as “New Business Item # 29”.

If you know a delegate to the NEA meeting, call him now. Act now.

The San Francisco Teachers Association issued on May 19 a call to boycott Israel. Several chapters of the Los Angeles public schools have already issued a similar call to boycott and BDS Israel. Together they constitute the two largest Teachers Unions of California. The “Seattle Education Association” – that represents the teachers of all the public schools in the Seattle, Washington state, area – surreptitiously adopted a similar resolution on June 15: active members of that organization did not believe this had happened when I contacted them, and only realized that this indeed was the case after they contacted the SEA board members multiple times, receiving initial evasive answers.

What a well-organized ideologically-driven minority can achieve! They can now claim at the NEA meeting – in favor of NBI # 29 – that California and Washington, the two great states of the West, already support the boycott and BDS of Israel.

Act now. What the NEA decides will have a direct impact on the education (or indoctrination) that Middle and High School students will receive in the US. For good or bad, these students will be the next generation of leaders. Contact the NEA and voice your opposition to the boycott.

I include below a letter I am sending lately to teachers of the Los Angeles Unified School District:

Dear Teacher,

The San Francisco Teachers Association issued on May 19 a call to boycott Israel. This is wrong. The National Education Association (NEA) is due to vote on a similar resolution in its coming meeting on June 30 – July 3 (under “New Business item 29”). Ask the NEA delegates to oppose this resolution. For more info, see my book “Boycott of Israel is Wrong: How to fight it”.

You can read the book and download it for free from the ResearchGate website:

Suggest the NEA delegates to read my book (it is short on purpose) before they vote on NBI # 29. Inform yourself before voting.

The book is also available at Amazon, in Kindle and paperback formats:

Jaime Kardontchik, PhD (Physics)

Silicon Valley, California

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Jaime Kardontchik has a PhD in Physics from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. He lives in the Silicon Valley, California.
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