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BDS This: 10 Israeli exports you already love

... the products that keep you from getting lost, make deserts bloom, remove unseemly body hair and more

Next time someone starts in on the Boycott, Divest and Sanction crap, show them this list.

These Israeli exports may even be better than Bamba.

1. Waze: Maybe you’ve heard of it?

2. BabySense: “Crib Death,” or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is so unpredictable and terrifying that some parents can’t sleep during the first few months of their baby’s life because they’re too busy getting up to make sure that their baby is breathing.

BabySense monitors a baby’s breathing during sleep with sensors that pick up tiny movements through a mattress. If the sensors don’t pick up any movement for more than a few seconds, an alarm is sounded, alerting the parents (and startling the baby.)

3. PillCam (AKA capsule endoscopy): Trust us. It’s an easier way to see into your intestines than the alternative.

BTW? Skip this video if you’ve just eaten.

4. Drip-line irrigation systems: When you’re making “the desert bloom,” you have to worry about water conservation.

5. Cherry Tomatoes:  These little beauties that go great in salad and don’t rot during shipment were cultivated in Israel. Can you imagine anyone boycotting cherry tomatoes? That’s just wrong.

BDS This: 10 Israeli exports you already love

6. SanDisk (Disk-on Key): Next time you’re copying your term paper, or a bunch of videos (or the leaflets for your BDS protest) onto a USB flash drive, thank Israel. 

7. Instant Message: Have you been on Facebook Chat today? Well, the technology allowing you to waste time connect with your friends (or coordinate BDS protests) is all because of ICQ which was first developed an Israeli company and then bought by America Online (AOL).

8. Collision control technology: (This was probably developed out of necessity given how Israelis drive – but the implementation saves lives.)

9. EpiLady: Unless you like waxing, or those smelly hair depilatories. Ich. 

And finally…

10. Bar Refaeli.

BDS This: 10 Israeli exports you already love

(The Shareworthy team is Sarah Tuttle-Singer and James Oppenheim)