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BDS’s fascist narrative

The boycott Israel crowd runs on deception, censorship and Jew hatred in its efforts to sink any chance of peace

I’ve always been an outspoken person because I’m a comedian and the subjects of racism, classism, and sexism were important subjects for me to lampoon and stand against, as a proper Socialist, like my father and his father before him — a Russian Jewish immigrant in Salt Lake City Utah.

Becoming more and more political since the shock of 9-11, I found myself one day asked by the former Presidential nominee of the Green Party, Cynthia Mckinney to carry the water for the Left, as she put it, and to represent by running for the party’s nomination myself. Perhaps because of the fact that a lot of people had no idea that I was Jewish, because I’m not the American stereotype, I have been privy my whole life to hearing things non-Jews say about Jews, which they might not say if they knew they were speaking in front of one.

During my campaign, about 2011, everything I had ever believed about the Left was shaken and the scales fell from my eyes and I had to admit that many of those I considered comrades were naked bigots, who had absolutely no interest in peace between Israel and Palestinian Arabs, at all — as I did. It was shocking to realize that what I considered criticism of Israel many, many times gave way to regular garden variety anti-Semitism that I had overheard all of my life. During my campaign, which I filmed as a documentary, I became more and more afraid of what I saw gathering in America. I saw Jews and African Americans divided over America- Israel policy and Jews divided against Jews over it too. I spoke about Israel during campaigns and was frequently shouted down by Jewish Leftists, so I learned, because I’m a comic to answer the totally preprogrammed questions with a real answer which came from me, and not from any centralized NGO or group. That did stop people in their tracks for a minute or two, but they would invariably return to regurgitating the talking points they were being paid or self-appointed to regurgitate.

I am certainly not here to defend the indefensible — Israel has many things about it which need correction, like every single other state and nation on earth. May all things wrong in the Jewish State be immediately addressed and reconciled — that’s my prayer and the promise of Rav Kook, one of the founders of Zionist philosophy, that The Nation, once restored to its land, will also be restored to our true national character: that of The Lightbearers of Freedom, Brotherhood, Excellence and New Expanding Vistas of Intelligence.

We Jews can be somewhat rude, ‘demanding’ and intransigent and more opinionated that most at times: A people get quite tense after terrible things are repeatedly done to them, and yet — Jews do not care what religion other people are, and we would never DREAM of denying any religious minority their right to worship. Many religions, and religious freedom itself are part of the diversity of Israel. We also believe that people have the right to be free of religion too, if they choose.

But, by G-d, we lack the SUPREME GALL and insensitivity of a typical left-wing ‘peace activist’ trust-funder living in Chicago to suggest that one third of the world’s surviving Jews should not be allowed to buy or own or live on land inside any Arab State, after centuries of citizenship there, nor to be allowed to live in only ONE tiny place behind green lines in our own homeland, where we are called ‘settlers’ and ‘occupiers’– AFTER Warsaw! In fact, the Arab Nakba of nearly 1 Million Arabic Jews & theft of their wealth of centuries followed the Shoah! Yet, American groups like Code Pink, Jewish Voice for Peace & even J-Street have yet to mention one word about any of this, though many Jews are in those groups. You can’t make this shit up folks!

BDS is right wing and fascist, make no mistake — the fact that it pretends to be of the Left helps to obscure the fact of the ethnic cleansing of Jews and Christians in all Arab states, happening since 1948, when the entire Arab world began its still ongoing boycott of Israel. Those who foster and monetarily support BDS against Israel, are paid directly or indirectly by interests of those same now Judenrein Arab States, where real tribal racial religious and gender apartheid exists, unlike in fully integrated Israel.

BDS is part of what I call the fake left — that peculiar left whose spokespeople are from privilege — like Ali Abunimah, whose father was the Jordanian ambassador to the UN and Max Blumenthal, trust-funder son of war profiteer Sidney Blumenthal. This Left cares nothing about unions or working people, their wages, their health coverage, their fair share of the profits they work to produce, which is, incidentally, what The Actual Left lives breathes and fights FOR.

This fake Left of trust-funders of privilege have created a profitable worldwide network to slander, threaten blood libel Jews with the same trash the Czars of Russia, and Spanish Inquisitors, Nazis and Hamans used throughout the witchburning European middle ages, where hundreds of thousands if not millions of Jewish women and men were thought to be witches and BDSed, then burnt at the stake for the canard that we were the cause of the Bubonic Plague.

The question I asked myself since childhood has been: why does anti-Semitism continue to exist, despite its great cost to the entire world? I believe I’ve gleaned the answer after decades of search and research: it is the most profitable tactic and the greatest tool, in the heist of all working people’s wealth by the ruling classes, those educated sons of Ambassadors and Presidential advisors, those Popes, Imams and Preachers — so called men of G-d, (*LOL*) — Professors, Presidents and Prime Ministers, Czars, Nobles, Chancellors and Royal Blue Blooded Pharaohs, Kings and Queens.

The rich and privileged feudalists know that ethnic strife division, racial animosity, gender violence, debt and lack of medical care or jobs keep people distracted. They can’t have their mind on their money and their money on their minds, to quote Snoop Dogg. They also know, that if you add self-righteous religious fervor to the above, and simmer it up, you can get Holy Wars that go on forever, guaranteeing their family’s dynasties remain unmolested. People in power pay handsomely for a special wordsmith to craft some concise genocidal slogans like ‘from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’ – of Jews. The selling of weapons and the promotion of nuclear proliferation continue to be the most profitable things on earth, for those who OWN the stock markets, all the laws and all the people on earth.

They could never sit in the same room for one minute with people like us unless it’s to promote some cockeyed idea they are selling at the moment — such as their just published revisionist history books, like Blumenthal’s in which Arabs or Aryans are the actual Jewish People, and Jewish People are the Nazis; Revisionist Historians of The Fake Left are really just the ‘updated’ Holocaust Deniers of the late 1980’s.

When the far Left and the far Right think of freedom, both of them think they need to defend Nazis’ rights to speak in threatening condemnation of Jews, but NOT ever the other way around.

Universities which allow Revisionist History also allow Trash Science as happened in German Universities, under Fascism. False science + false history = false narrative.

The immoral and insane racist anti-Semitism of Pharoahs & Fuhrers never fades from the Jewish landscape for very long.

BDSers don’t want peace, nor do they want peace negotiations. They use codewords which expose that — the codeword ‘occupation’, is actually an Imperialist term, when applied to Israel, and you’ve probably noticed that they use that word a lot — getting all the mileage they can get out of it — which if their hated peace negotiations ever occurred, would make using these legally correct words: ‘disputed territories’ necessary, and that would just ruin their self-righteous, libelous fun. Disputed territories means: the question of security for BOTH SIDES will be addressed, to be resolved in good faith with honest dialogue between two warring parties seeking solution and redress.

BDS uses the incorrect and coded word, ‘occupation,’ as it applauds Abbas for refusing to negotiate peace, and apologizes for his hate-mongering and inciting for the murder of Jewish civilians who are ‘all guilty’ whether they are Israeli or French or Brazilian. This helps to create theater for social media and, better yet, to further forestall peace talks until after all Arabic Jews are not only expelled to Israel, but hopefully ‘driven into the sea,’ and the State which offered them safety, destroyed through intifada.

These campus BDS factories are anti-truth, and the truth is they work very hard to silence their opponents’ points, rather than to engage in civil communication and argument that leads to actual redress, and the employment of Solutions which might actually work for the everyday people at risk. To absolute fascists, negotiation means losing.

Only by silencing the outraged opinion of those it wishes to exterminate can any fascist narrative continue to exist, because it is a LIE whose center cannot hold in the threatening and inevitably victorious face of FACT.

Truth is: peace must be negotiated!

Fascists never negotiate. That’s how you know they are fascists!! It’s not going to happen, until pressure is brought to bear by all intelligent and moral people everywhere, who won’t tolerate war for the profit of the few at the expense of the many anymore.

First they say Jews out of Europe — go to Palestine (pre 67-Jews were the Palestinians), then they say Jews out of the Middle East — go back to Germany or Spain or Poland from whence you came, after we, the pre-EU, wiped our butts with your art, your savings, your lives, and the lives of your children and drove you to Israel. Well, we may have lost our moral compass there for a century or so, but now, now we fancy ourselves as peacemakers who desire justice for people who swear to kill all the Jews in the Middle East who don’t wish to be minorities living under Arab rule — obviously that didn’t work or those Arab States would have Jews living in them today.

In order to continue to be successful scapegoat farmers, and to hold the Jews as their moral hostages, BDS racist Jew haters and their deluded Jewish ‘best friends’ in the United States back boycotting Jews who want to live freely in the Judenrein Apartheid Arab Middle East, and not just in tiny, tiny Israel. Boycott will help to isolate and disenfranchise Jews until such a time that from the river to the sea all of UN partitioned Palestine will be Jew Free. Again — You cannot possibly make this shit up folks!

The UN, EU and the trust-funder-led BDS Left are all crazy assed. They refuse to see what’s right in front of their faces — that Israel is a state full of millions of good people who want peace. That Israel is not a dream, but a solid reality that isn’t going anywhere. Instead of building collapsing tunnels, Hamas should cease occupying the Palestinian people’s FUNDS and get on to rebuilding a lawful structure of protection for Palestinians, instead of paying them to kill themselves and take a Jew or two with them. Talk about anti-Semitism!

We want to solve the problems that we are responsible for, but that is impossible without first of all, agreeing that the larger problem is double standards. Let’s start there — and then proceed to matters of land. Without just and ethical redress of the 2,000 year old use of double standards against a victim first removed from their lands and then from the earth itself over and over and over again — the arrogant and ignorant who see themselves as righteous are just blowhards, liars, and blood thirsty bigots.

These campuses, BDS factories, are anti-truth, and the truth is they work very hard to silence their opponents’ points, rather than to engage in civil communication and argument that lead to actual redress, and the embrace of Solutions which might actually work for the everyday people at risk. Again, to absolute fascists, negotiation means losing.

Only by silencing the outraged opinion of those it wishes to exterminate can any fascist narrative continue to exist, because it is a LIE whose center cannot hold in the threatening and inevitably victorious face of Fact.

Intelligent and moral people know that Peace between Israel and her neighbors and cousins, who are ALL targets, human shields for war profiteers, such as BDS trust-funders, is not only possible, but quite probable, with the creation of the right words at the right time, and nothing more. In the Story of Esther, we learn that Power is strung together with words, and it is words which can take it all apart. Truth and Fact are the Jewish people’s ultimate weapons against liars and revisionist erasers of our history as the indigenous people of Eretz Yisroel — so, let’s consider that we are here today, in Jerusalem together, which is PROOF that we are indeed those whom we’ve always said we were.


The above is the text of a speech Roseanne Barr delivered at the Yediot Ahronot anti-BDS conference in Jerusalem:

Roseanne Barr is a comedian and activist. She is currently touring Israel with educational non-profit StandWithUs, accompanied by her mother, who is visiting Israel for the first time.

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Roseanne Barr is a comedienne and activist.