Be Aware, Not Afraid..

Just yesterday at the supermarket where my wife and I spend a good deal of time, and money, some 16 year old savage decided to use a knife in an attempt to slash to death two of my neighbors while they were standing on the checkout line with their groceries. Fortunately, they were not killed, but they were badly stabbed in the head and upper body. An off duty security guard, who was in the store at the time, shot the bastard in the legs and the police came and took him away to the Hadassah Hospital in Ein Kerem, along with his two victims. There has been a spate if these knifing attacks throughout Judea, Samaria and even Jerusalem.

The supermarket involved in this horrific attack is the Rami Levi store in Mishor Adumim in the industrial zone of my home town of Maaleh Adumim. Thousands of people live in my city (that’s right, a city-we are not a “settlement’ we are an Israeli city of almost 50,000 people) and many of them regularly shop in that market. The market, as well, has dozens of Arab employees  and they have various positions in the place from delivery men to department managers-so far, none of them have been implicated in the terrorist incident.

I mention this because in Mishor Adumim there are many shops, factories and warehouses in which almost 3000 Arabs from within Israel and Judea and Samaria, work every day. Some of these businesses are owned by non-Israelis, but they all operate according to Israeli labor laws which mean equal salaries and benefits to every worker regardless of nationality. Most of the employers have both Jewish and non-Jewish workers. One of the more well-known businesses in this region is SodaStream, a prime example of Israeli and Arab cooperation.

Why do I mention this-because it is so insulting to continually be harangued by the dilletantes in various Foreign Ministries and a plethora of diplomats who keep repeating the same mantra-that this terrorism problem would disappear with a “Palestinian State” next door. As long as the so-called “Palestinian Authority” encourages terrorism and fails to rein in those elements within its jurisdiction who promulgate the evil philosophy that generates murder and destruction, there can be no peace and there will only be more bloodshed.

The argument that this type of murderous and evil behavior is caused by a minority of Arabs might be true numerically, but it is supremely irrelevant in reality. Just imagine this-if only 10-15% of the Moslems in the world are considered to be radical, that is still somewhere between 120-180 MILLION people. Imagine half the population of the United States being composed of right or leftwing terrorists bent on destroying their geographic neighbors,

Remember that no radical organization has ever come to power as a majority. Neither the Fascists in Mussolini’s Italy, nor the militarists in , Japan or the Bolsheviks of the former Soviet Union, took control of their respective nations with the consent of the greatest part of their native populations. Even the Nazi Party, which lost every election in Germany and never went beyond 7-10% of the population in party membership, gained control through threat, intimidation and the murder of its political opponents,

The current leadership of the “Palestinian Authority” has usurped power for the last few years. It is beholden to no one but itself. It has formed a coalition of convenience with its fellow travelers in Hamas even after having its own personnel killed by Hamas thugs in Gaza several years ago.

Similarly, on June 10th 1934, known as the Night of the Long Knives, did Hitler cement his control over his rivals in the Stormtroopers, by slaughtering his political opposition. Both the Nazis and Hamas are of the same bloodthirsty, malevolent evil-both want to destroy the Jewish people.

Both also practice the cruelest of child abuse by inculcating hatred and love of death through their “educational system.” Just as the Hitler Youth taught German children to hate Jews and call them subhuman, so does the media of the “Palestinian Authority.” Cartoons, books, video games and television portray Jews as insects, devils and the offspring of pigs and apes. The 16 year old barbarian that stabbed two people in Rami Levi, the foul beasts who killed four men at prayer in a synagogue in Jerusalem, and the savage who ran down a three month old infant on a train platform, were not born killers, they were made into murderers.

Adolph Hitler wrote-“Give me the youth and I will control the future.” This is the tragedy whose program of terror we fight daily. So, what can we, as Israelis do to protect ourselves? It is quite evident that the world doesn’t see this problem, or they do and again, Jewish life means nothing in their mindset. It isn’t difficult for me to understand that as Europe floats on a sea of Jewish blood. The Americans have, unfortunately, short memories and true horror, with the exception, perhaps, of 9/11, has never touched their homes.

We cannot give in to fear. We cannot stop living our lives. We cannot stop going to supermarkets, riding on trains and buses or driving on all the roads in our country. We cannot surrender to terrorist blackmail and threats. We cannot pay any heed to the acts of European governments that recognize the terrorist entity-after all, they ignored Hitler and his aggression until he invaded Poland. And even after that, the British and the French gave him time to “apologize” before they finally acted, Are we supposed to wait until we are destroyed to get help?

We can only rely on ourselves and we must not ever, listen to the words of those nations that seek to ameliorate the problem of terrorism at our expense. There can be no negotiations with an entity which educates its youth to love death and that memorializes and idolizes those who behead men at prayer or stab shoppers in a market.

We must be aware but me must never be afraid.

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.