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Beating BDS and getting paid to do so

Shlomo (Momo) Lifshitz, is back and this time is fighting Israel boycotts by recruiting students to study in Israel. Momo is a bulldozer and doesn’t believe in the status quo.


Founder and CEO of Lirom Global Education Ltd. and Study in Israel LLC. You may remember him as as founder and president of Oranim Educational Initiatives where he brought over 125,000 young adults and teens to programs in Israel, mainly on Taglit-Birthright.

Continuing with his life-long passion of bringing people to Israel, he established Lirom Global Education so that overseas students can find programs in English in Israel.

“We at LiromStudy in Israel LLC are fueled by the vision of Israel as a center for global education. For anyone looking to study, tour and live in the Holy Land, here is your chance. We created a wide range of Israel programs for all ages 7 to 70! We have programs that are tailored just you. You’ll find English-speaking Israel programs from full Academic Degrees and Study Abroad programs to Summer Camps and Language Immersion excursions.”

Get Paid for Being an Israel Program Ambassador

Momo is paying recruiters.

“I need your help to spread the word about these amazing programs. With the help of private donors, we’re launching the Israel Program Ambassadors. As an ambassador, you spend a few minutes a day simply on social media and sending emails about the Israel programs to your social network. If one of your friends comes to Israel and participates in one of our programs you will be rewarded. Rewards range from $150 -$500 USD (or local equivalent)”

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Neil Lazarus is an internationally acclaimed expert in the field of Middle East Politics, Israel Public Diplomacy and Effective Communication Training. He is the the director of He is emerging as one of Israel's leading key note speakers. He regularly podcasts.