Beating up on Islam

The PC pendulum has swung yet again.

Now actively denigrating Islam is the bon ton.
Europeans, at home and abroad are under threat.
Islam has become an untenable religion.
Is this justifiable?

It is more indicative of the cause of the malaise that plagues us all.

The problem is actions. Violent actions being perpetrated by the hands of believers.
Anger precipitates an act.

A belief system moulds the act. In this case, Islam is the belief system. But this beggars the simplest of questions:

Why are they angry?

For the most part, they feel cheated, dispossessed and deprived. And in many respects they are correct in feeling so. They are not masters of their fates. From birth, they are achingly destined to be, at best, with less hope than their neighbours.  This motif is prevalent in Europe and the Middle East. The vast majority are Sunni Muslims. Anyone in their situation would feel the same.

In Europe, we see the glass walls and ceiling of the PC ghettos. The Jumabaya Apartheid cum smelting-pot that defines the liberal’s attitude to immigration has inevitably failed. The campfire has become a funeral pyre.
A century ago, two arrogant architects, Sykes and Picot, in the name of Europe, delinquently drew lines in the sand of Middle East. The volatile and spuriously spawned states were inherently unstable, unprepared and unrepresentative.  Large minorities were and still are living as second class citizens with no hope of repair. Revolt and carnage were inevitable. The revolt arrived.

Many are pointing to the belief of  Islam as the reason, they are angry. To do so is wrong.
Islam provided a new State where all groups belong. The Caliphate offers the enjoyed belonging that has been for so long denied.

Islam offers both the means and the dreams. Islam offers revenge and to subjugate the subjugators.
Islam is the bridge between cause and action.

Is Islam the common factor? Did Islam cause the discontent?

No, it did not.

In any circumstances, in both cases,  the reactions would have come.

Islam is the conduit through which raw molten wrath and indignation flow.

Western arrogance is the common denominator.Werstern arrogance caused the anger.

Yesteryear’s immigrants, mainly Sunni Muslims,  fled poverty to Europe. They gave birth to a second generation, a generation with neither hope nor identity. That was not the parents desire. It was their fate.

The fate was an irresponsible union of the pure condescension and bumbling arrogance the West provided. The smelting pot of immiscible led to the dregs of a disappointed generation. A Western potpourri of PC abstractions, delusions and fantasies, with inevitable results, reigned supreme. The ‘lost generation’s anger’ was inevitable. The same Western arrogance eventually but inevitably blighted their co-religionists in the Middle East. The States inevitably split asunder. The deprived inevitably revolted.

The same genial buffoonery that has damaged so much is now willfully donating nuclear weapons to a psychotically deranged, murderous Iran who will inevitably use them.  But I will not stray. What has the inevitability of another six million dead Jews to do with it? When was it ever a prime consideration?

A troubled Western world invariably divides into two camps: those who see the solution and those who see the problem. Those who see the solution then search for any appropriate problem. They rarely find it. Those who see the problem rarely find a solution. They are too absorbed with the problem.
The only certainty is that the inevitable always happens. And the inevitable in Europe and the Middle East is happening now.

Islam is the means but not the cause. If there were no cause, there would be no means.

The West provided the cause.
The solution is indeed introspection.
Not only an Islamic introspection is required.
Be in no doubt.
The introspection starts at home.
Can the recidivistic Western arsonist be the volunteer fireman?
Can a former serial Islamic hate-monger be a redeemed preacher?
I do not know. I doubt it.
I do suspect the Ayatollahs have an answer.

About the Author
Born in Leeds in 1944, Michael Benjamin is a retired Psychiatrist and medical auditor, co-founder of Oranit, aspiring author and inveterate cynic.
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