Become a successful lawyer like Diego Ruiz Duran

If there is one thing to know right off the bat when becoming a lawyer, it’s that you must have the passion to help others. Through vigorous amounts of work and research, it is a lawyer’s job to fight for their client until the very end. When the stakes are high and a person’s future is on the line, lawyers must not give into the pressure. For someone who is thinking about starting a career as a lawyer, it is beneficial to adopt the same determination and passion as one of Mexico’s top lawyers, Diego Ruiz Duran

Duran graduated from Escuela Libre de Derecho, and from there he began his professional career working with José Luis Nassar. In 2012, he decided to open his own firm named the Ruiz Duran Law Firm. He believes the firm should be in strong support of the accusatory system and thinks that Mexico is “complex” with its delivery of justice. He says  “The firm is an absolute promoter of the accusatory system, we believe that it certainly gives an answer to the needs of society, but messy in reform, as in all the laws of the country, we have forgotten to take into account the human factor.” It is the drive he possesses to make the system equal and fair that makes him so successful. Instead of leaving things how they are, he makes the effort to try and make a change for the better. 

Diego Ruiz Duran is also known for fighting to reduce gender-based violence, an issue that millions can relate to around the world.  When a domestic violence case is presented, Duran argues that deep evaluation must be implemented and not overlooked. In an interview, he says, “Many times, when a complaint of aggression against a woman is filed, the case is not continued and there are even, there are often different factors that obstruct the process.” His commitment to reversing such a deep-rooted problem in the world’s history helps make him known as one of the best lawyers in the country. For any lawyer, going against the norm and sticking up for what is right is a memorable thing, and will help build overall success. 

In any country, the legal system is not perfect. There are plenty of details that must be reversed or changed. To become a renowned lawyer, one must learn the system in and out before they have a chance to make a difference. It is through study and conducted research that passion and drive will begin to surface and will eventually lead to action. In addition, taking courses on public speaking will help tremendously when an aspiring lawyer wants to one day demand the attention of a courtroom. It is also important to seek a mentor that can help guide the way. With all of these tips in mind, a person can work their way up to one day becoming a prosperous lawyer like Diego Ruiz Duran.

Duran is indeed one of the most influential lawyers for those aspiring to make the world a better place. He fights for gender equality, for social welfare reforms, and many other issues that help benefit the people of Mexico. He along with other great successors are considered role models for people who have a passion for law. With hard work and determination, anybody can achieve the same level of greatness. That dream of making life a little easier for millions around the world might actually become a reality. If someone takes the time to put in the necessary amount of work, they will one day see it pay off.

About the Author
Michael Goldsmith is a 43 year old journalist from Boston, Massachusetts. He grew up writing blog posts and journaling in my spare time. He has always looked up to men and women who made it in this country and who also share the same faith as him. They paved the way for people like him to never set limits and to never doubt his self, to believe that he could be successful one day as well.