Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Before you know it

As wars drag on, and people worry what will be, I think of a time in history, many years ago — the Exodus from Egypt. And I think of the Chanukah miracle, and the Purim miracle.

Those were times when salvation seemed out of reach. And those were times when G-d showed the world, that His strength brings salvation and life and kindness.

As wars intensify in various parts of the world, as Iran threatens nations, as the U.S. eyes Russia and China with suspicion, as societies seem to be on the verge of failing, and as you and I sit and hear all this and wonder where it is all going, we can look at the power of the Almighty, and we can reassure ourselves, that just as He performed miracles and brought salvation in the past, now too we can look forward to salvation and Redemption with Moshiach.

The world needs it. The prophets foretold it. And we can anticipate it.

Very soon.

So hang on to your seat belt. Buckle in, and get set for a ride of miracles and wonders.

Live it as if it’s here. Care for others and help them. Encourage people to do deeds of kindness. Get ready for Moshiach.

And before we know it, Redemption will have arrived.

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