Dorit Natan Lavy

Being Israeli: An open letter to the world

Cultural differences create misunderstandings.

We’d like to tell you about ourselves, in order to prevent misconceptions:
We may seem loud, but it’s just our way of expressing our happiness about being with friends.

We may appear to be a noisy group when there are a bunch of us together, but being vocal is just our way of expressing our excitement and enthusiasm.

We may seem emotional at times, but that’s just because we truly care.

We may seem direct and blunt, but we simply prefer to speak from the heart and not play games.

We may seem rude or impolite when we don’t agree with you, but we prefer to be truthful & honest rather than hypocritical.

We may seem restless and anxious when we try to get things done quickly, but we are only trying to make the best of today, because history has taught us that tomorrow everything can change…

Don’t get us wrong, we know we have our flaws!

We are not very good at waiting in line because we are always in a hurry

That is also the reason we tend to be impatient on the road and are therefore thought to be terrible drivers. Even when we do our best to get everything done quickly, we never seem to get to a meeting on time…

But despite our weaknesses,

When we love someone, we love with all our hearts.

When we find a true friend, he becomes a part of our family for life.
When we see someone in need, we always lend a hand and never stand aside.

When we meet new people, we tend to be extremely warm and friendly.

When we host someone for dinner, we let him into our lives and our souls, and not only into our homes.

We will be delighted to invite you to visit us in our homes and introduce you to the real faces of Israelis in Israel. In our culture, when we invite you to visit us in Israel – WE MEAN IT!

Israeli Faces – it’s all about the people!

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About the Author
Dorit Natan Lavy is the founder & director of "Israeli Faces", a social-national initiative that strives to strengthen Israel's image in the world by cultural exchange. Dorit is married and a proud mother of two girls. She has an MA in international relations & conflict resolution from Hebrew University. Dorit acquired her experience during the years she worked with the Jewish Agency, AWIS, Rothberg International School, JNF, and more.