Miriam Weiss Lane

Beloved frenemy

The United States has been a good friend to Israel, but she is now mixing her agenda with Israel’s goals. The 3.5 billion dollars the US annually gives to Israel very much benefits the US, because it must be spent in the US arms industry and because Israel provides valuable field testing of US weapons. Moreover Israel is restrained from developing certain weapons which she obtains from the US.

Right now after expressing strong backing for Israel’s defense, the Biden administration is pressuring Israel to agree to a ceasefire and (terrorist?) Palestinian state, because President Biden needs brownie points in Dearborn, Michigan. Dearborn Muslim residents have been angered by the pro-Israel US stance in this conflagration and Biden needs the support of this swing state. Personally, I think the Islamism has been so radicalized, I doubt even brownie points will make them support President Biden. Still it appears that the US is playing a double game, pandering to domestic Muslim sentiment, while maintaining military support of Israel in the Middle East. It appears to be a lose-lose situation.

Israel cannot afford to accede to the US demands. The existential threat is too great, but Israel will need US weapons for the northern front as it intensifies. It is a sticky situation. Even if Israel were to agree to a Palestinian state, there are no non-terrorist groups to govern such a state and no real way to guarantee Israel’s security.

Israel must thank the US for her help, but agree to disagree. Israel has to be and look strong to survive in the Middle East. Rewarding barbarism makes us look weak and foolish and leaves the monsters in place to strike again.

About the Author
I am a US and Israeli attorney. I studied law at Hebrew University and Benjamin Cardozo School of Law. I moved to Israel with my family in 2004.Living in Israel was always my dream. I grew up in a very, educated family who were always discussing and debating topics in current events, history and philosophy. I have a keen interest in the search for truth and justice. To contact me: