Bereishit — why did God create the world?

On reflection when looking at the question why of did God create the world, many people maybe ask — Did a God create the world? I think the easiest way to answer this is: if a building requires an architect and design, how much so our wonderful world.

How do you translate Bereishit? In the beginning or because of the beginning.

A beginning is pure. There is nothing purer than going into a forest, a nature walk with big lakes which shows how the world was before man tried to change it.  When we want to clear our heads, meditate or relax we look to go back to nature. Back to the beginning.

The big question is – Why did God create the world? For whom did God create the world?

Our teachings say that God created the world because of Israel because Abraham reached the level that he knew God on the level of beginnings. Based on the teachings of the Slominer Rebbe.

We begin with our souls.  Acquiring knowledge takes time and effort. Just like we pollute our world, we also pollute our mind with all kinds of wrong thoughts. We need to go back to that beginning. We need to go back to the truth. I know we just did Teshuva. But it only takes one day, one thought for us to pollute ourselves. For me, waking up is like a beginning. Our bodies are recharged. We have an opportunity to be creative, to start again.

As Moshe Rothkop relates. “Mazal Tov. We made it through Yomim Noraim to live in the Succah and rejoice and dance with our Torah our Eitz Chaim.

Now HaShem in his infinite love and mercy gives us Bereishis, new beginnings. The world was created with Reishis, the power to begin again, the power of Tshuva. How far is a rasha from a tzaddik? ויהי ערב ויהי בוקר יום אחד. Erev is darkness, when I do everything wrong, a rasha. Boker, I’m connected to the light, I do everything right. How long does it take to go from being a rasha to being a tzaddik? One day. Just one moment. Because HaShem created us so that deep inside we all want to be a tzaddik Have the greatest year, bsurot Tovot, nachas, parnassa tova, healthy health, meaningful relationships, doing good things lishma, even not lishma, just do it. A gezunte vinter ”

Paraphrased from Reb Shlomo teachings on Bereishis.

Let us go back and relook at the translation of the word Bereishit – because of the beginning – God created heaven and earth. There are two beginnings – earth i.e we need to have humility. You also need heaven – you have to have something high about yourself. You need to have a positive self-esteem.

This is I believe is our challenge – to be both humble and to have a positive self-esteem.

It is the same during our daily lives – we have the weekdays – earth and we have Shabbat – heaven.

In fact, what words do we use to sanctify Shabbat when we make Kiddush? We start with the words God made heaven and earth. Every Shabbat is a beginning. A chance to renew ourselves.

If somebody asks – Why be Jewish? Why was the world created? I would like to think that God gave the Jewish people 2 gifts – The Torah and the Land of Israel as a way of a mission.

On a simple national level, to be a guide , a shining light to the world, spread goodness and kindness to all mankind.

The same is true on a personal. But, we can go further. Our beautiful world and specifically Shabbat is a gift.

Shabbat is a gift. It is time to reflect on our mission in the world. A time to separate earth – the mundane, daily grind and elevate ourselves with heaven – Holiness.

So, I want to wish you a Shabbat Shalom. A Shabbat where we can elevate ourselves above the mundane. For this reason, only, it is enough to be Jewish, to thank God for creating me and the world.

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Jeffrey is a Blogger, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist (we can only dream) living in Jerusalem. He has five kids and three grandchildren. He is looking to spread the message of Ahavat Yisrael and Jewish Unity through the music and teachings of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach and connecting our lost Jewish brothers and sisters to Israel. God and themselves.
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