Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Berel and Shmerel Have a Conversation

Berel: The left in Israel is winning.

Shmerel: What are you talking sbout?

I’m telling you, the left is winning.

That’s ridiculous; the right is in power, and they just passed the reasonable clause, and they’re ready to do more legislation.

The left is winning.

You’re stupid.

You’re dumb.

Ok, so if you are so convinced that the left is winning, can you explain?


Go ahead.

The left are screaming that they want democracy, correct?


And they are screaming that if there is no democracy, then they are going to wreck the army and the economy and medicine and everything else, right?


Now, if they are ready to end the country, what does that tell you?


That they are extremely upset with the present situation.

Ok. So why does that mean that they are winning?

Simple. What they are really saying is, that we need to stop and change what’s happening.


So that’s very good.


Because right now, are you happy with the way things are going?


So neither is the left. They are saying, we need to make things better.

But their idea of making things better is diferent than the right’s idea.

So what? The main thing is, that they aren’t happy with the way things are going, and they want the government to make it better.

So how are they winning?

Because the government is now working on making things better.

But what the government is doing to make things better, is not what the left wants!

Who cares? The main point is, that the left wants to make things better, and that’s what the government is doing.

I still think you’re stupid.

I may be stupid, but the left is winning.

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