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Berlin Climate Fiction Literary Festival Dec. 4-6 has multilingual global flair

The upcoming Climate Fiction Festival Berlin at Literaturhaus Berlin is an international cli-fi literary festival involving German cli-fi novelists, German journalists and German literary critics along with dozens of American, Turkish, Italian, Bulgargian and French writers particpating via online Zoom platfoms, YouTube and other apps. It takes place online from December 4-6 for three days, and what makes this cli-fi literary festival unique is that it has been set up, organized and run by German writers, critics and journalists in Berlin. See the Facebook link here.

Martin Zahringer serves as the festival director, speaking in German, English and other languages as writers from around the world gather via Zoom and YouTube to address climate themes of the literary kind.

Even with the popularity of cli-fi in America, Australia, Britain, Canada and other Anglophone nations, no English-speaking country has ever set up and organized a cli-fi festival like this one in Berlin. It has never happened in New York or Sydney or Toronto or London. Kudos to the festival organizeres in Berlin!

With climate change novels and movies becoming more and more popular in dozens of countries, Germany has taken the lead now with this Berlin Cli-Fi Festival with over 100 participating writers, critics, journalists and publishers. The audience is not just Germany, and not just writers in Berlin; the audience is international, global, multilingual.

It’s interesting to note how Germany has taken the lead in taking an interest in literary cli-fi, and this festival shows just how seriously German authors take cli-fi. Also called “climate fiction,” with a dedicated website at The Cli-Fi Report, cli-fi is a 21st century literary term that has traction now.

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