Robert Jacobson

Bernie Sanders — Racism & Fairness

While watching CNN the other night for a very short time, I had the “privilege” of catching a townhall gathering of Democrats, in particular Bernie Sanders.

Bernie was asked specifically about the situation with Israel and had the vile reply of calling Prime Minister Netanyahu a racist and talked about “fairness” of American policy. A racist! Fairness!

Let me review:

Syria, an Arab civil war between Allawi Muslims (a Shiite affiliation) led by Assad and Sunni Muslims has been going on for years with massive slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people. The slaughter is mainly committed by the Allawi’s on the Sunnis. Assad has gone so far as gassed Sunni Muslims there. Racist! Fairness! No comment from Bernie.

Jordan, ruled by a Hashemite-Saudi Arabian king keeps many of his Palestinian constituents as refugees refusing to give them citizenship rights. The Palestinians in Jordan are far more indigenous to that country than King Abdullah and he keeps them down, second class. Racist! Fairness! Not a word from Bernie.

Iraq, where the Sunni-Shiite war was raging for years and left tens of thousands of dead. The Iranians, who have a clear bias against Sunni Arabs, are putting their foothold in the country so they can have Iranian Shiite dominance over Sunnis. Racist! Fairness! No comment from Bernie.

Lebanon, where a dog has better rights than a Palestinian. Palestinians are denied access to housing, jobs and education and locked into refugee camps. Racist! Fairness! No comment from Bernie.

Palestinian Authority and Hamas, their own Palestinian people are denied due process and subject to systematic torture and murder when it suits the interests of their leadership. Racist! Fairness! Again, no comment from Bernie.

The list goes on. The region is imploding in religious/ethnic hatred and division leading to countless atrocities and people living with no hope. And what do we hear from Bernie Sanders on these matters, nothing.

Who does Bernie attack, Prime Minister Netanyahu. Netanyahu, who cares deeply about another ethnic group indigenous to the region, the Jewish people. Netanyahu, who has put his stamp on Israel being the Jewish National home during his tenure. The land in question here is a tiny spec of the earth that Netanyahu makes sure, as best he can, is safe for Jewish people to live and prosper. His policies have also benefited the Israeli Arabs who have among the highest standard of living in the region and have access to full rights as Israeli citizens. Netanyahu is no racist, he is a realist. He lives in reality and knows the region he lives in very well. He cares deeply about Jewish people and will never take any position that could possibly harm Jews. Netanyahu carries no shame for who he is and will do what he can for his own people. I guess in the mind of Bernie Sanders that makes you a racist.

Additionally, Bernie forgets one major component of history, if Israel was the Jewish Nation state before WWII, there would have been no Holocaust! Instead, the land was occupied by the British who denied the Jews of Europe the right to return to their indigenous homeland. By adopting this policy, the Jews of Europe perished in the concentration camps.

Mr. Sanders, who is the real racist here? I believe it’s you, the ultimate self-hater, catering to a far-left Anti-Semitic base. You will fail and go down in history as achieving nothing. You do not hold a candle to Prime Minister Netanyahu. You should address your racist accusation at yourself and do some serious self-reflection.

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