Best Essay Writing Tools & Resources for Israeli Students

Most Israeli students are overwhelmed by essay assignments. In order to craft a successful project, one has to conduct a thorough research through reliable academic sources. Then, he needs to write a paper with unique ideas supported by facts. The biggest factor that undermines students’ success in academic writing is time. When they have to deal with multiple projects and exams, they can hardly complete every paper their professors demand.

Fortunately, we can always rely on the Internet, which seems to have a solution for every problem people face. The following online resources and tools are meant to make the writing process easier and more productive.

1. Planning and Structuring Your Essay, University of Reading — This is a universal guide to essay writing. It teaches the students how to evaluate the essay question, generate ideas, and plan the development of the discussion. These pre-writing stages influence the success of the overall project. At bottom of the page, you’ll find links to guides on how to write the essay and improve your academic writing skills.


2. Essay Writing Service NinjaEssays — Sometimes theory and advice are not enough. When students need practical assistance with academic writing, they can rely on professional authors at Ninja Essays. The company assigns a writer educated in the subject area the student specifies, so the final result is always successful. Students can communicate with their writers and observe the essay writing process throughout its development.

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3. The Five Paragraph Essay: Study Guides and Strategies — Most educators assign the basic five-paragraph essay to their students. When you master this form of writing, you’ll be ready to tackle more complex academic projects. This website offers a detail explanation of this type of essay, as well as a guide that helps you practice crafting your own papers. Although the 5-paragraph essay seems like a simple assignment at first, you’ll understand it’s very detailed when you go through this guide.

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4. Essay Writing: The Basics, UNSW — The basics are always a good place to start. The University of New South Wales offers a guide that helps its students develop successful academic projects. Analyze this page carefully, since it enables you to understand what you need to achieve with the essay you write. Then, you’ll get step-by-step guidance through the planning, writing, and editing stages.


5. English Grammar and Essay Writing — A student cannot write a successful essay in English if he doesn’t understand the foundations of the language. The lectures of this free online course (provided by the University of California, Berkeley) cover the aspects of proofreading, self-editing, revision, tone, diction, common English grammar, and vocabulary building.


6. Essay Writing, — In Chapter 6 of the College Composition Course offered at this website, you’ll find lessons on how to write a strong personal and persuasive essay. In addition, you will also learn about logical fallacies, proofreading, editing, answering a particular essay question, and writing according to the expectations of the reader.


7. What Is Good Writing? — In order to compose an awesome essay, a student has to realize how proper writing looks like. This free online course focuses on explaining why writing is important. The main goal is to enable students to discuss an issue through critical observation and strong arguments. In addition, the learning outcomes include awareness of the basic stylistic and technical consideration involved in writing.


It is important to realize that essay writing is a necessary stage of a student’s development. These assignments will teach you how to express your point of view with persuasive and believable arguments. You’ll learn how to use authoritative academic and statistical data with the purpose of proving a thesis. The above-listed tools will support you on the way of becoming a strong essay writer.

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