Bias and Ignorance Behind UK Lawmakers’ Sanction Letter to PM Johnson

Photomontage by Risto Huvila based on IDF topography map

International media has spread the news about the letter of 130 UK lawmakers urging UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to sanction Israel in the event it annexes the Jordan Valley as considered by PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Knesset Speaker Benny Gantz in their recent unity government agreement.

In their letter the lawmakers write “international law is crystal clear. The acquisition of territory through war is prohibited. The Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014 is a recent example where Britain quite properly opposed such acts with appropriate measures, including robust sanctions.”

What could be more wrong than equalizing the Russian invasion and annexation of Crimea with the recent Israeli annexation plan?

Whereas the Russians just marched into Crimea, without any prior hostility by the Ukrainians, Israel ended up conquering the Jordan Valley in the defending war which was started by neighboring countries. And whereas Crimea was a legitimate part of the Republic of Ukraine, the Jordan Valley was no man’s land, and, at that time, was occupied by Jordan since 1948, which no international body ever criticized or resisted.

For decades, the Palestinian false narrative has created a widely received impression that the “occupied territories” belong to the “State of Palestine”. The fact is that such a state has never existed and the Jordan Valley and West Bank have never belonged to any other state than the United Kingdom of Israel 3000 years ago.

I agree with President Trump that we need a new paradigm to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since no previous idea to solve it has succeeded. The existing situation has been deadlocked since 1967 and will continue to be as long as surrounding countries are not willing to sign a peace agreement with Israel, keeping the Jewish State hostage to her neighbors and the international community, falsely portrayed as an occupying power against International Law.

I urge the British and other lawmakers to study history and especially the UK-driven San Remo Resolution of 1920 to understand the situation and its background, and make righteous proposals and decisions. Hopefully Mr. Johnson will be brave enough to correct the historical injustice despite the pressure from the MPs.

And who knows if the new Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer would support him…

For in-depth information of the San Remo Resolution of 1920, this video is highly recommended:

About the Author
Risto Huvila, a public speaker, pianist and writer from Finland, observes European and American Middle East policies and antisemitism through evangelical lenses. As Chairman of the Federation of Finland-Israel Associations and Vice-chair of the Finnish Holocaust Remembrance Association and the March of Life Finland, he is an active advocate for Israel. Risto has authored the book The Miracle of Israel and President Truman and he appears frequently in media.
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