Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


It’s now 5 Shevat 5784. About four decades ago, Bibi met the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

It was Simchat Torah, when we dance with the Torahs. When, years later, Hamas attacked us.

During that first visit, the Rebbe spoke to Bibi, while the Chassidim around watched quietly. Thousands of Chassidim waited patiently, respectfully, for the dancing and singing to begin, while the Rebbe talked to Bibi for fourty minutes.

I don’t know what they talked about, except for one point that Bibi later shared. The Rebbe told him, that he is representing Israel in the UN, which the Rebbe called a house of darkness, lies. But, the Rebbe said, when you are in a place of darkness, and you light a candle, it can be seen from very far away.

Bibi is now holding a light of truth, in a world of darkness. And the entire world sees the light of truth, of Torah, of G-d Almighty. And Bibi insists that Israel will fight until victory, until the evil of Hamas is destroyed forever.

After that Simchat Torah, Bibi visited the Rebbe on at least two occasions, and there are videos of those visits. One time, the Rebbe told him (in Hebrew): You will have to struggle with 119 members of the Knesset, but surely you won’t be intimidated, because G-d is on this side. Blessing and success with G-d’ mission. Blessing and success.

Another time the Rebbe told him: Moshiach hasn’t come yet, so things need to be done to hasten his coming. And it should be with joy and good heart; you know that Chassidim are careful to do everything with joy. Good tidings, much success.

But the time I like best, especially as it pertains to nowadays, is a video when Bibi wasn’t even there. Someone told the Rebbe that he is Bibi’s friend, and he wants to ask for a blessing for Bibi.

The Rebbe gave another dollar (for charity) and told him (in English): “This you’ll give to charity for him, and tell him that certainly he’ll continue to hold on to the hard line as before; and if there will be an occasion to add to his strength, he’ll certainly find strength in himself to continue it for the time being and after that.”

And this is what Bibi is now doing, day and night. He is holding a candle of truth for all the world, even in the Hague, to see. And he is being strong in his determination to destroy Hamas, even as he cries for those who suffered, for those who died, for the hostages held, and for the fallen soldiers.

Bibi wants to protect Israel. He knows well what his father taught about Jewish history, our persecutions and our triumphs. And he is determined, even as he struggles with 119 members of the Knesset, to win.

And win he will, as he continues with strength. Because G-d is on this side.

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