Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


They call him a traitor. They claim he is only interested in maintaining power.

Interesting. They don’t claim that the only reason Biden is withholding weapons from Israel is because he wants to stay in power.

Of course politicians want to stay in power. But amplifying this and presenting this as Netanyahu’s only reason for doing things obscures the big picture. Hamas is a threat to the world and must be eradicated. Hezbollah is a threat and must be dealt with. Iran is a threat to civilization and must be dealt with.

Netanyahu wants to hold on to power? Sure. But maybe he wants to do so in order to keep Israel secure, because another leader might capitulate to international pressure to establish a Palestinian state.

As I remember it, the Lubavitcher Rebbe once related a story about Mendel Beilis. Tzarist Russia concocted a blood libel against him. As part of the efforts to defend him, one Hebrew teacher mailed a lengthy treatise to the prosecutor. It detailed sources in Jewish law which forbade drinking blood.

The assistant prosecutor looked at it, and then asked the prosecutor what he thought. The prosecutor pointed to the stamp on the envelope which had the face of the Tzar on it, and which had been inadvertently placed upside down. “See,” the prosecutor said, “he is a traitor to the Tzar.”

In other words, if someone has an agenda, they are not objective.

Those who don’t like what Israel is doing, will think of all kinds of reasons why Israel is wrong. So when you say “We need to destroy Hamas, and deal with Hezbollah and Iran,” they’ll say “Netanyahu just wants to stay in power.”

When people are strongly biased, you can’t reason with them. They don’t want to see the big picture. Basically, they are in denial of reality. They are highly prejudiced. They want what they want, and are not willing to give the benefit of doubt. It’s OK for other countries to defend themselves, but when it comes to Israel, Jews need to be super kind and turn the other cheek. No other country is expected to turn the other cheek when they are attacked, only Israel is.

Fortunately, Bibi is determined. Sure Smotrich and Ben Gvir have threatened to topple the government if Israel agrees to a permanent ceasefire before Hamas is eliminated, or if Israel agrees to give away land for a Palestinian state. But why are they insisting on this? For Israel’s security. Sure their threat probably strengthens Bibi’s determination. And it gives Bibi a strong argument against U.S. pressure. But what is it all about? Israel’s security.

So all those who are screaming and yelling are doing exactly that — screaming and yelling. Israel’s government is steadfast. And the ultimate power, G-d Almighty Who rules over everything, is on this side, protecting His people.

So scream and yell. It only highlights prejudice and bias. It won’t stop Israel and Bibi from doing what they must do to protect Israel and the world.

And very soon, the entire world will realize and appreciate Israel’s approach.

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