Bibi, enough is enough

Last night’s terrorist attack in Bulgaria, which resulted in the deaths of at least five Israelis, raises many questions but few answers. Who was responsible? How long can Hezbollah’s/Iran’s campaign of terror continue? Will Bibi respond?

When I visit family in America, they always ask me why I would want to live in Israel with all the terror going on. I always give the same answer; that loving Israel is something you feel in your heart and that being Israeli is something of which to be very proud. They always look at me and call me crazy, but that’s okay because I know that they will never understand. I used to tell my family that wherever I go I always feel safe. I must admit, I don’t feel that anymore.

Over the past few months Israelis have been targeted in India, Georgia, Cyprus, Thailand and now Bulgaria. All evidence indicates that today’s bus explosion was an attack by Hezbollah, Iran’s main proxy in the Middle East. Meanwhile, today the Assad regime, a supporter of Hezbollah, suffered a big blow as many of Assad’s most trusted aides were killed in a bomb detonated by the rebel opposition. I believe Assad instructed Hezbollah to do what ever it could to get the attention off the fact that Assad’s Defense Minister and Interior Minister were killed in the same day. It is no secret that Hezbollah has been trying to attack Israeli’s in foreign countries. There have been many numerous intelligence warnings through out the world. Fortunately, Hezbollah has rarely been as successful as they were today.


Another question that must be asked is how long can Israel continue to precariously exist in the face of evil threats? What happened to the days where Israelis could go anywhere and feel safe? As long as our enemy feels that we will not respond, they will continue to plan attacks. Look at the situation in southern Israel. Rockets slam southern Israel every two or three months and Netanyahu’s government does not do much to respond. By not responding, the terrorists continue to launch rockets until they feel like stopping or until enough of their militants die. They dictate the rules of the game, not us. That is the main problem. There used to be a time that if we were attacked we would respond in a very harsh way. Those days are long behind us.That brings me to my next question, will Bibi respond?

Bibi is in a difficult situation, not wanting to start a war but needing to retaliate in some meaningful way. Killing a few Iranian scientists is not a real response. Rather it is just a response that  buys more time. Israeli citizens must feel like our government is ready to do everything to protect its people. Over the next few days, we will hear a lot of why this happened. However, the Jewish state ought not to focus on how this happened but rather on what it should do next. Bibi, enough is enough. It is time to respond.





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