Bibi in Congress as Obama is Glued to the Tube

I hope Obama to be watching from the Oval Office. His staffers, especially the ones who were quoted in the Jeffrey Goldberg article as saying that Bibi is “chickensh*t”, will surely be paying attention.

I want them to see Barbra and Spielberg on their feet, applauding in the gallery. Maybe Sandy Koufax, too, sitting next to Sarah. Plus Elie Wiesel and a half dozen other Nobel laureates in medicine and chemistry. And Clint Eastwood in the Righteous Gentile section.

I want them to hear Wolf Blitzer solemnly intone the names belonging to each of the empty seats. This one’s Leahy, this one’s Sanders.  I want them to see Boehner offer the seat next to him on the bimah, Biden’s seat, to Shmuley Boteach.  After all, he’s America’s rabbi.

When the applause finally dies down, I want them to listen as Bibi  gently zings them with a few choice protocol jokes:  “I wasn’t invited to the White House, or, as it’s now known, 1600 J Street.”  “I did make sure to deliver an advance copy of my speech to the Secret Service — by drone.”  “Kerry called me last month from Munich, where he was negotiating with the Iranians, and asked me not to come to Washington.  I asked him, ‘why Munich of all places, don’t you remember Chamberlain?’, and he said, ‘of course I do, Wilt the Stilt, although he never played for the Celtics.’“

Then I want them to hear Bibi become deadly serious, as he gives Congress and the American people the simple truth, the truth the Administration has avoiding by citing specious formalities, and in terms they will understand: There is no question that in spite of all the denials, Iran has been driving towards the goal of acquiring nuclear weapons, and has been building inter-continental ballistic missiles to deliver them. The agreement being negotiated will leave them still in possession of the ball, inside the 20-yard line.  Should they be trusted to not tunnel the rest of the way?

I want the White House to be publicly reminded, because they have apparently forgotten, that there are plenty of reasons not to trust the Iranians.  Iran is run by an evil regime which does everything in secrecy.  The only thing they do in public is to hang people.  They have no peaceful nuclear intentions because they have no peaceful intentions of any kind. Particularly when it comes to Jews.  They have plotted to kill Jews in Argentina, Bulgaria, India, Nigeria and Cyprus. Their leaders have vowed to destroy Israel, and spend every waking hour planning how to ship missiles to Hamas and Hezbollah.  Why are Republican Guard generals operating on the Syrian side of the Golan if not to open a new front?  The Iranians want to dominate the Middle East, which they are already well on their way to doing in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and now, Yemen.  The world needs to imagine what Iran can accomplish as a nuclear-armed power, because Iran already has, and they like what they see at the end of the tunnel.  So they are most probably tunneling as we speak.

Obama’s main opposition to Congress passing a sanctions bill is that Iran may not even agree to this 20-yard line deal, this bad deal, because the possibility of further sanctions will “derail the momentum” of the talks at this “delicate stage” of the negotiations.  The only momentum that needs to be derailed is the momentum of the Iranian push to get the bomb, and only new sanctions, which the Administration is clearly afraid to impose, can do this. Bibi has taken all the slings and arrows at home and abroad; he has stuck to his convictions and will now come to lay his body across the railroad tracks.

Who’s chickensh*t now?

About the Author
Bennett M. Epstein has B.A. and JD degrees and has practiced law as a prosecutor and defense attorney since 1969. He has also been an adjunct professor of criminal law.