Bibi Netanyahu, J’Accuse

1. Bibi Netanyahu, at the time when you entered politics, Zionism had a romantic aura to it. Back then it created a feeling of togetherness even among political adversaries, that we were all working for a common cause, but chose different paths. Today because of you, that is no more.
– By enabling a fascist, Jewish Supremacist like Itamar Ben Gvir and lobbying for him to enter the Knesset, you have stripped Zionism of its ideological quality and made it synonymous with fascism. And the stain on our house of representatives will be indelible. That stain and the stench of Fascism will stick to you, because unlike in 1984 when Kahane made it into the Knesset, it was despite the efforts of PM Shamir, if Ben Gvir gets in, it is entirely because of you and your aggressive lobbying. And it matters not if you survive as Prime minister or not, this will not be forgotten and not forgiven.
– Under your incitement, there is no longer a concept of a common cause with different paths. You have made the issue of loyalty to Israel divisive; those who do not support you and your government are considered traitors. And the accompanying violence against them by your rabble of supporters is excused – if not justified – by that distinction, which you coined and encouraged. The moment one’s loyalty to one’s country is measured by whether one supports the government and the Prime Minister or not is the moment when democracy descends into despotism. And this is your doing.
– Over the last decade your demagoguery and divisive politics, have made sure that there are no longer adversaries, only enemies. Consider the consequences of that.
*In Givat Ram, Jerusalem, opposite the Knesset, they will erect a headstone. On it will be inscribed:

BIRTHED IN 1897 by Theodor Herzl at the First Zionist Congress

ALLOWED TO DIE in 2021 by Benyamin Netanyahu when he invited fascists into the Knesset.

2. Bibi Netanyahu, when you entered politics the Likud was a party of honor and dignity. The party was led by people with a sense of decency and honesty. One could fault their ideology but never their character. Every member of the Knesset for the party had a record of achievement and was an example to be emulated. Each one was chosen on the basis of the quality of his/her character.
– Under your leadership, the esteem of our Knesset has been sullied by nausea-inducing embarrassments like Oren Hazan, Osnat Mark, and now Ben Gvir. You have brought disrepute to our house of democracy, and your party.
– The acquiescent silence of your party leadership to you endorsing and lobbying for the candidacy of a fascist party led by a man who idolizes a mass murderer and Jewish terrorist, Baruch Goldstein, has stripped your party of any respect, dignity, and honor it might still have had. (Especially since you even offered to keep a seat for them on your Likud list, to ensure they get in)
– Today the Likud is a collection of factotums and sycophants, whose path to a political career is determined by their loyalty to you, not the quality of their character.

Jabotinsky, Begin, and Shamir must be turning in their graves. Your legacy will stain the halls of Metzudat Zeev for generations.

J’Accuse, Bibi. (Courtesy of the Times of Israel. Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90).
3. Bibi Netanyahu, you pride yourself as being a financial miracle worker who has made Israel’s economy a powerhouse. You boast about how when you were Finance Minister you single-handedly built Israel’s economy into what it is today.
– Both as Prime Minister and as Finance Minister, you preached to us about the importance of keeping to the budget and the need for budgetary discipline in order to maintain Israel’s economic stability.
– The country has been operating without a budget for three years – THREE YEARS! – because you choose to sacrifice our stability on the altar of your political survival. Even when you headed a coalition of 78 MKs, you CHOSE not to pass a budget out of political expedience. Is that responsible financial management?
– Israel now has a budget deficit in the region of forty billion shekels, under your leadership. For generations, our children and grandchildren will be paying the price of your incompetence in exorbitant taxes and inadequate state services that will have to be instituted because of thre budget cuts to cover the deficit which you have allowed to burgeon out of control. How many people will experience hunger and poverty in the coming years because of this?
– Under your leadership, thousands of businesses have gone bankrupt because of your negligence and your shambolic management of the pandemic. How do you sleep at night?
How many of our children will choose to leave the country to escape the economic Armageddon you will bequeath them? We have come from a country of “Kibbutz Galuyot , to build a state in order to save the Jewish nation to “ a country where the call of the Galut beckons our young, to save us from the ruins of the Jewish state”
4. Bibi Netanyahu, you congratulate yourself for the success of bringing COVID-19 vaccines to Israel, that without you we would be stuck in perpetual lockdown. (Are we not still stuck in perpetual lockdown)?
– Do you remember how you “forgot” to place an order with Pfizer for their vaccines? You screwed up and then you had to scramble to purchase them at a price way above what other countries bid because of it? Not to mention agreeing without our permission to share our personal medical data with them. And WHY did you have the records of the details of the deal you made with Pfizer sealed for thirty years? What are you hiding?
– The REAL credit goes to the Kuppot Holim and their connections with Pfizer – and their behind-the-scenes lobbying. But more so; without their 150% commitment and dedication and their incredible organization and coordination, the vaccines could not have been administered so efficiently. None of that is on you.
 –  Under your leadership over 5200 Israelis have died from Covid. We reached peaks of 10,000 positive cases per day. 716,000 people have been infected and 985 are in serious condition. How many of these cases are because of your failure to enforce restrictions on the Haredi communities out of political considerations? If you take credit for the vaccines, you must also take responsibility for the deaths and abysmal management of the pandemic. It is on you.

5. Bibi Netanyahu, in 2008 you placed yourself before us as the country’s voice of conscience when you called upon then Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert to resign. “A Prime Minister up to his neck in investigations does not have the public and moral mandate to make such fateful decisions for the state of Israel. Because, I have to say that there exists a credible fear that he will make decisions based upon the interests of his personal survival and to those of the country”, you said.

  • We have had three rounds of elections and are now entering the fourth, precisely because you are placing the interests of your political survival above the interests of the country, because of your corruption trials, which has already begun. Hypocrisy, much? What is certain, is that your decision-making can no longer be trusted.
  • At cost of about two billion shekels per election, while we carry a budget deficit of over forty billion! Who is going to pay for it? The country cannot afford more than half a billion shekels for approved subsidized life-saving medicines and treatments, but to spend another two billion on another election? That’s acceptable. Have you no shame?
  • Have you become so addicted to power and the influence you wield that you actually believe that L’Etat c’est Moi? That your interests are now the state’s interests? That the interests of your political survival are now concomitant to the interests of the country? Are you so consumed by your own narcissism, that you believe you are our sole savior? The only one who can lead us? You are not. You are an albatross around our necks, while you strangle the country of our camaraderie in times of crisis, our democracy, and now our children of a viable future, while you set us at each other’s throats. And you watch in glee, because it means that you can continue to enjoy the lavish privileges of power and office, and use them to escape your day of reckoning for bribery, corruption and breach of public trust .You are not a “Magician”. You are a Sorcerer.
The COVID pandemic is your Waterloo. Too bad we don’t have an island like Elba on which to exile you. Caesarea will have to do. Just go already.
About the Author
Paul Mirbach (PEM), made aliya from South Africa to kibbutz Tuval in 1982 with a garin of Habonim members. Together they built a new kibbutz transforming rocks and mud to a green oasis in the Gallilee. He served in infantry during his army service, serving in both Lebanon and the West Bank, including on reserve duty during the first intifada. Paul still lives on Tuval with his wife and two sons.