Bibi should watch less CNN and more BBC

While the Prime Minister has been obsessively pursuing the fairy-tale task of convincing the world that Obama’s deal with Iran is the greatest threat to Israel, he’s been missing the more worrying reality — that of the increasing apathy and brazen audacity at which the entire story of Israel is reframed and fed to a new generation, spearheaded by the BBC and other UK broadcasters like Channel 4.

I’m no fan of the deal, to be honest. Iran is ruled by a dangerous, ruthless, untrustworthy, violently anti-Semitic and terror-supporting regime and they should be forced to stop supporting terror and puppet regimes in the area. Their ideological hatred of the West, of Israel, of the UK and the US needs to change. Ideally this change should come from within Iran, but when they pose a direct and immediate threat to other states, those states have every right to bring about this change by force.

As Israel has shown in recent years and historically, she is not afraid to act unilaterally if the threat becomes too imminent in the region.
Simply put, giving Iran the absurd ’emperors new cloak’ of legitimacy and ignoring key issues of supporting terror and openly calling for destruction of fellow States, Obama and the UN are turning a blind eye to a real and present evil regime.

But Bibi has now almost certainly failed in this big crusade to convince the world that it’s better to have no deal then a bad one. In failing so spectacularly, using every political and diplomatic asset at his disposal, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has embarrassed a close ally, made Israel a bi-partisan issue in the US like it has never been before and has shown how little currency he has with the world powers, who have always (sometimes begrudgingly) understood Israel’s security concerns.

Bibi has made Israel look weak and lonely internationally. Whatever strategy he had to affect this deal has been a failure. He’s used the issue to personal domestic political advantage, embarrassed himself and his Office by releasing a statement on Election Day that begs the belief of Zionists and fed the ugly beast of anti Israel ‘BDS’ propaganda.

Bibi, I’ve often felt you had control over Israel’s security as you have always demonstrated in the past, but you’ve missed the bigger issue affecting the future of our state. In focusing all your energy on this failed Iran Strategy, you’ve allowed Israel to be continually misrepresented, demonised and ostracised in regions that have never been so hostile to us in recent memory.

Bibi, you need to sit down and watch the recent BBC Panorama ‘The Train that Divides Jerusalem’

This is how Israel’s narrative is being reframed in the UK — no context of Israel’s situation or concerns. Israel is failing at getting its narrative out to the world and this programme epitomises that failure spectacularly.

In the UK, programmes with this immense slant towards the Palestinian narrative have become the norm. Channel 4 aired a show called ‘The Promise’ a couple of years ago that was a four part series. Each episode became more absurdly one-sided in its narrative of a Palestinian refugee trying to get back to his home. Israelis were depicted as terrorists, or worse, in the eyes of the producers.

Bibi, please. For the sake of all Israelis — past, present and future — realise that your communications machine is broken and needs real attention to be fixed. Israel has many domestic issues that require attention and solutions. Focus on those and let someone else take up the full time post of Foreign Minister.

Realise that we’ve not only lost the battle over the Iran Deal, we’re losing the greater ‘PR War’ all over. Our narrative is being transgressed and insulted; twisted and lied about, and you’re not doing enough to help.

It’s time to get serious about convincing the world of the truths that define Israel as a nation – the very real struggles she’s endured to survive. We’ve made right choices and we’ve made mistakes, but our continual strive for peace and prosperity with our neighbours seems even more elusive today than at any time I remember.

Surely you can give that some proper attention for a change?

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Born in Israel (in a taxi!), and moved to London aged 5. Royi's previous Jewish/Israel education includes participating as a teenager in Bnei Akiva, University (JSoc President), on his Israel Gap Year Programme and since then in his professional life, working for United Synagogue, UJIA, Birthright, Jewish Agency for Israel and currently working at the Zionist Federation UK. In Royi's spare time he does video editing for weddings, corporate and private events.
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