Bibi, what are you waiting for?

Obama’s winning the presidential election…again, paved the way for the Arab flames of fury to blaze its way toward Israel in its never-ending, unquenchable lust for her absolute destruction.

As if on cue, once the final tally was in for the coveted seat in the oval office, the barrage of missiles began raining down over Israel’s south holding captive one million of our brethren. Now, there is nothing to hold the Arabs back – not the UN, not the European Union and not the United States of America.

The reelection of Obama, a man who scorns US’s role as leader of the free world, a man who signifies both, appeasement and collaboration with our enemies, gave the green light to the Gaza Arabs as well as to the Syrian Arabs to commence their war games against Israel. Because they know, just as well as Iran knows and just as well as Bibi Netanyahu knows, that Obama has no red lines.

Our enemies have been following Obama’s word and deed for four years. They have seen him placate the Muslim Brotherhood beginning with his infamous speech at Cairo to his abandonment of US’s long time ally, Egypt’s President Mubarak, his appeasement of Iran, and his catering to Mahmud Abbas. They watched him bow to the Saudi Arabian king, publicly humiliate the Prime Minister of Israel, blame the recent murder of a US ambassador on a video, and paid careful attention to his implementation of successive policies that weaken the global strength of the US.

And now, they hear the silence. A most welcomed silence for them. Silence from Obama, from the UN, from the world media, from everyone, as they let loose their unrestrained savagery against our civilian population.

And what are we doing?

Bibi? What are we doing?

Are you biding your time, waiting for the elections, measuring the shifting political winds? Are you, per chance, waiting for something other than missiles and rockets to fall from the sky? A miracle of reprieve? Are you waiting for a green light, special permission from the very statesman leaders creatures that encourage and buttress the evil that we face? Are you waiting until enough of our people die? How many would that be exactly?

Your people want to know.

About the Author
Author of THE GILBOA IRIS (Gefen Publishing House) and SETTLING FOR MORE: FROM JERSEY TO JUDEA (Urim Publications).