Bibi Winning is Great for Israel and the World

While so many political pundits and analysts were already betting against a Netanyahu victory, the Israeli people decided to make the prudent decision of re-electing the most qualified candidate on the ballot. National security undoubtedly was on the minds of voters on election day and rightfully so.

Ever since its creation in 1948, Israel has continued to have to fight for its survival as it faces the threats of its hostile neighbors. I can’t remember another moment in my life-time when Israel’s very survival was in as much jeopardy as it is in today.

Our nation is facing levels of anti-Semetism that are absolutely unprecedented. The response to the world must not be a weaker Israel, but instead a stronger one. A nation that is led by somebody with deep conviction and passion. A leader that is willing to defend Israel and its security even when it might not be considered the popular thing to do.

Let’s not forget how much criticism Prime Minister Netanyahu faced when he came to address the joint sessions of Congress a few weeks ago. But he persisted because the nation of Israel and its survival are far more important to the Prime Minister-elect than anything else in the world.

I have long felt that Prime Minister-elect Netanyahu was one of the few leaders in the world that would be willing to fight for his nation even while putting his own political future in jeopardy. To Prime Minister-elect Netanyahu, it has never been about politics. Sure, the cynics will monitor all of his activity through the prism of politics and yes there is no doubt that he is a very astute politician.

But it is also important to recognize that for Prime Minister-elect Netanyahu this has always been far bigger than just politics. It’s about a cause he has championed from the depths of his heart. A cause he has unfortunately experienced through the loss of his brother Yonatan. It is the cause of fighting for the security of the Jewish people.

To the Israeli people I say thank you. Thank you for making the right decision on election day. Thank you for electing a true warrior. A warrior for the state of Israel and for the Jewish people in the diaspora. The Jewish people need a warrior now more than ever.

About the Author
Dr. Nadia Kiderman is a dedicated community activist involved in pro-Israel causes.