Bibi’s Bad Timing

IMHO, Prime Minister Binyamin Bibi Netanyahu has shown great weakness by calling for early elections, especially as they will be so soon after the planned summer faux Social Justice festivities.

Jerusalem's Independence Park, summer protest, 2011

The Leftist media here had been predicting the coalition’s demise from day one, and Bibi would have shown more leadership if he had proven them wrong.  The Israeli Left made enormous progress in their quest to take over the country last summer during their energetic, fun-filled camping and carnivals all over the country.  One of their aims has been to raise their voter turn-out, which will be voiced even more strongly this summer, since elections have been called for September 4, 2012.

That’s bad timing for the Likud, which is suffering lots of internal struggles.  The pro-Jews in the Land of Israel segment, which consists of more than just Feiglin supporters are prepared for a real fight this time.  Before the last elections, Bibi pulled a fast one and did a “cut and paste” with the list running for Knesset seats.  He pushed ahead people he wanted over those who had gotten more votes.  He got away with it, because he has strong control over the Likud’s internal organization.

Bibi’s Likud (and the Right parties) would do better in the winter when everyone’s busy at home, work and studies and their summer camp fun just fading memories.

About the Author
Batya was born in the USA and raised in NY in a rather assimilated Jewish home. In high school, she discovered Torah Judaism in NCSY, Jewish activism in SSSJ, and Zionism in Betar. Her and her husband made aliyah after their wedding. They first lived in Jerusalem, and moved to Shiloh in 1981. There, she began writing for various publications and blogs. Batya is the initiator of Women's Rosh Chodesh Prayers at Tel Shiloh.