Bibi’s Delicate Diplomatic Dance

The red line illustrated by Prime Minister Netanyahu during his now famous speech to the United Nations foreshadowed his present pattern of behavior. He now finds himself in the unenviable position responding to demanding nations, who strip layer after layer from Israel’s primary assets in exchange for their illusive promise of peace. Let me make this clear, the illusive promise of peace is not the real thing, far from it! Yet, Bibi has begun the illusory dance and we see him being lulled by the rhythm of the great Iranian romance.

Yes Jews have been here before. Once lulled by the continuing promise of peace they forgot about Israel, Jerusalem and instead assimilated into the great Persia that almost consumed the then nation, Israel. Other than for the very few who dared to return, a majority of Jews may still be living in Iran today and we certainly would not celebrate Purim, the holiday that commemorates breaking the Iranian lullaby curse. Mordechai and Esther, the Jewish national saviors of that time, are still buried in Iran.  They never made it back to Israel.

Delicately dancing the dangerous, diplomatic dance on a floor filled with scorpion nations and their NGO’s is no easy feat and Bibi is no dancer. Maybe a fighter, who could probably spar a few rounds in a ring, but dancing is definitely not his specialty. We’ve already seen masterful John Kerry flip Bibi into the tango backbend with full momentum to release hardcore convicted terrorists, some with criminal sentences of more than 20 years. Then as Bibi was flipped back, he reversed promises to build thousands of new homes. Was this Israel’s entry price to the ball or perhaps the premium; negotiate with authorities that don’t acknowledge your existence, whilst funding theirs, the adjusted price? And in the royal box, the great Ayatollah smirks, his passing eyes glimpse a responsive President Barak Hussein Obama.

Meantime back at the ranch near the Ayatollah’s ancient Hamedan, Iran’s booming nuclear facilities are full steam ahead to obtain weapons grade Uranium that Bibi and Barak swore it would never get, not under their watch! As the scorpion nations dance on the floor crowding and smothering Israel, Bibi’s buttress bewilders; “I think if the Iranian people had freedom, they would wear jeans, listen to Western music, and have free elections” – definitely, he’s no dancer! Demands, demands and more demands pour in and the dance floor is filled with demanders. Lead, Bibi, lead, break out – solo, away from that marauding maul. We like you better when you call the shots, when the scorpions gather around you and you stand your ground – Bibi strut your stuff – No more!

Remember the Ayatollah’s beautiful side step from Ahmadinejad to Rouhani, so smooth, so competitive,  demonstrative of his wonderful style, his prowess, control, his people, the one’s you say want more blue jeans. Bibi, he took care of that a long time ago, he gave them blue jeans and he crowded them and cajoled them and smothered them with his thought police, but he and his dance troupe did it nicely, while the world was not watching – so charming, so graceful. Bibi, The Bolshoi is masterful and Iran is a fast learner and anyway what does a Jew know from dancing? Don’t let them get too close, get on with it or get off that floor before they swarm you and sting you with their lethal collective venom. Your brother gave his life for Israel, and you Bibi, your life and Israel’s is precious too – don’t get too close, the charm potion is asphyxiating and powerful!

Good and Evil, the age old struggle and Israel has struggled many times, but there is no way to mix, share or blend these qualities, they stand alone forever engaged in their prevalent dance. Only that Good is sourced in a place from where even the Bolshoi derive their art and Israel, the epitome of that endearing quality, must lead, show the way and dance the dangerous dance, but this tune must change! The selection to which the scorpion nations dance , must become Miriam’s song of the sea, nigunim and the Horah, these are Israel’s tunes the ones nations do not yet know, cannot yet comprehend, but they are powerful and Bibi must teach them and if not him who?

About the Author
Kevin Bermeister is the founder of, a master plan for Jerusalem through the year 2050. Bermeister is a technological innovator, developing substantial businesses in the computer, multimedia and Internet industries. Among his many accomplishments, he was a founding investor of Skype in 2002. He is also an active investor in Israeli real estate.