Abraham Bril

Bibi’s resignation speech

This is what is needed :

…What has happened on October 7 and ever since is one of the worst challenges of Israel’s history. Many have lost their lives or have been wounded, and our soldiers are still facing mortal dangers every day.

Our kibbutzim, moshavim and cities near Gaza and on our northern border have had their lives disrupted. People have been moved out of their homes and away from their places of work, their children’s schools and their synagogues. Reservists had to leave their families and work. This is not a six-day war but a long fight to eradicate, once and forever, the evil forces of Hamas. Like 9/11 in the US, this will leave a permanent mark on all of us.

Your Government and security institutions failed you on October 7 and your trust may have been lost. I understand that, and much needs to be done for Israelis to believe once again that your safety is ensured.

When this war is over there will be an investigation of all what has led to the failures that allowed October 7 to happen. I don’t want to anticipate the conclusions of that investigation, but I know that, as US President Harry Truman said, the buck stops with me.

As such I have decided that I will leave politics when this war is over. Until then I will continue to assume my responsibilities and lead the fight for victory over evil. It has been my honor and privilege to serve as your soldier, diplomat, minister and prime minister, but soon you will have a new prime minister.

With that I can no longer be accused of political and electoral motivations and my focus will entirely on the job at hand to eradicate Hamas, return our hostages and make sure that this can never happen again. Sarah will refrain from making public statements and Yair is returning from Ft Lauderdale to join the IDF.

Let us all work together, across the political and social spectrum of our country to achieve success…

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