Bibi’s Sundae Cancels Schools this Sunday

Hamas finally made their official announcement that the 3rd intifada has begun. The only announcement I got, was from the mayor of Jerusalem informing me that school and daycare will only go until 1:30pm on Sunday, because of the high security alert (that would be the 3rd intifada) and the lack of proper security for educational facilities. Yes, a long time ago someone decided that schools needed security until 1:30pm, but clearly after that hour, there is no terrorism. As though terrorists are on the clock. As parents, we learned about this last summer with the war, then the riots, and now once again because of terror.

The government simply can’t afford to provide security for the schools and daycares in Jerusalem. So, the municipality, a part of the government, has decided to cancel afternoon daycare. I guess it is a move to show the national government that we need the protection until every student goes home. That, or this is just another move to ensure parents aren’t able to work. Because as a parent, it is not difficult enough to send your child off to school feeling like they are a target, but now you also can’t even get work done, and remain on perpetual vacation without any of the benefits of vacation (see announcement of third intifada above).

My other parent friends would like to know why the government can’t afford to provide our children with security. It’s a fair question, seeing as they are our future and all. For me, I think back to the budget report of our prime minister’s spending: NIS 10,000 a month on ice cream, NIS 90,000 a year on take out–did I mention he has an in-house chef? The list goes on, but I think we have enough pain and trouble in our lives, for me to go on here.

Government spending, Knesset members salaries (reportedly somewhere around NIS 35,000 with car and clothing allowance), is frivolous and ultimately leads us on this downward spiral. Their actions and often inactions have failed our nation in this time of terror, and our children in their time of need. I get that Bibi has a lot on his plate, but it shouldn’t be full of taxpayers money sprinkled on top of his sundae.

We are all trying to cling to our normal routines. We want to believe we can live our lives, go to work, send our children to school and stay strong as a nation, while the walls around us crumble. We need our children to have an education. We need them to be safe in school. Education is valuable and there is no price too high for their safety. So put down your silver spoons, stop talking with your mouths (and pockets) full, and protect our children.

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