Bibi’s Two State Solution-An Existential Threat to Israel’s Existence

An online game I love to play in the little time I get off of work is Hearts of Iron.  It allows one to participate in battles, even in a situation where there is counterfactual history.

However, let’s move to the present where a female soldier at a computerized listening post in the Galilee is distracted while a rabbi’s wife is telling her how to be good woman and wife. A Hezbollah advance unit strikes a civilian target, the tip of the spear for the next Lebanon War.

Is this a far fetched scenario? According to a recent Ynet report, it is an existential threat that the head of the IDF just had to address.

Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Aviv Kochavi has recently instructed all military units to uphold existing regulations forbidding religious lessons to be taught to female IDF soldiers while on duty (not males, way to leave a loophole genius). A copy of the directive has already been delivered to the Ministry of Defense.

According to testimonies provided by several reservists who have served at the base, the lessons take place “while the female soldiers are glued to their monitors and track everything happening along the border fence – with full vigilance without distractions.”

“The rabbi’s wife is giving them lectures on subjects such as ‘the correct attitude of a wife to her husband under rabbinic law’ and ‘abstention and fasting’,” one witness said.

Another reservist who was present for one of these lectures said that the soldiers are essentially a captive audience, as they are not allowed to leave their posts, and have to listen whether they choose to or not. Dear God, this happens under the nose of the base commanders? Where are the court martials and dismissals for incompetence at the very least and insubordination at the worst.  The chain of command has broken down totally and good order and discipline is thrown out the window. This is truly a military not ready for war.

The rebbetzin in the midst of the affair said her lessons are in high demand and the female soldiers have asked that she come more often. “Those who hate Judaism are behind the recent decision by the military chief,” she said claiming she was never told she could not enter the secure area and lecture the soldiers while they were on duty.

God forbid they guard our lives let alone inconvenience a dunce with no security clearance to invade a secure area with her stupidity. Perhaps rebbetzin, you are clueless on the subjects of military good or and discipline and security, as well as anything else in the real world?

If the rebbetzin is providing such a “service,” why not broadcast it to the whole world with your holy name attached?  Perhaps because even the haredi community knows it has limits.  If the great “work” is more widely publicized, those who “hate Judaism” might ask that she takes her great “work” to prison after she is tried and convicted of violating military and civilian law.  Perhaps the rebbetzin forgot all of the Torah lessons on saving Jewish lives, the very Torah her stupidity endangers along with the lives of the soldiers and the civilians they protect.

Rebbetzin, have you been active in the Gaza border communities?  Perhaps the civilians in these areas who you think hate Judaism simply like their lives and might give you a hostile welcome?  It is a good thing that you remain anonymous.

The above incident is only the latest in a series of outrages that the haredi state within a state imposes upon all of us.  Amateur hour in the Health Ministry during a time of world pandemic is not enough for our holy rabbis and rebbetzins.  Now, we have to deal with their interference in a soldier’s guard duty protecting our very lives?  What are your male counterparts doing?  Preaching mutiny to the male soldiers?  Many thanks to the whistle-blowers!  We like your tune!

I say lock all up the violators and throw away the keys.  The rest of us follow the law.  Why not these guys?

Sorry, the lives we have here may not be great, but they are the only ones we do have. I am partial to the one I have and I say that we put an immediate end to the existential threat that this two state solution poses to our lives and the functioning of a stable society.

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About the Author
Akiva ben Avraham is a former community college adjunct, US Army intelligence analyst and officer, and a caregiver.
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