Biden will lose his party the election

Biden failed at his mission. He failed because of his ego. His sole purpose was to serve as a transition between Trumpism and Progressivism.

Brand new polls are now appearing on the regular, polls that make the obvious even clearer; Joe Biden is highly unpopular, even among his own party’s voters, especially young ones. As an incumbent, he is supposed to be a clear favorite not only within the Democratic Party but also, critically, the election as a whole. But as far as we know right now, that is simply not the case.

He has two challengers from within, candidates, who, in every other election year would be fringe, unpopular candidates at most. Bobby Kennedy Jr. and Marianne Williamson.
Of course, Kennedy has his only advantage; his name. His name is what garnered him, according to a week-old NYT poll, 10 percent of support from Democrats.

10 percent, and that’s only because Biden is close to 900 hundred years old. I’m only guessing the president’s age, of course, but I think I’m in the right ballpark.

Another 10 percent went to Marianne Williamson. Now that is far more interesting because after looking at her politics, it shows that part of Democratic voters do indeed favor progressive candidates, even if that means taking away the incumbent’s greater chances at victory.

Even more interesting is that Williamson had more than 25 percent support among young voters. Another crazy revelation is Biden being an ancient artifact gone missing from a museum tends to not garner him the support of young people.

He was never meant for more than what I mentioned at the start. As a guy who voted against the desegregation of buses back in the 70s, he has done quite the turnaround to then receive the cheering ovation of thousands of progressives in 2020.

But he was never meant for more.

His most recent failure was his attempt to sell his economic policies, entitled ‘Bidenomics’, to American voters. Hardly a surprise. Of course, the US’ numbers, as a whole, seem to present a perfect situation; low inflation and low unemployment. But with the federal minimum wage remaining at a measly 7.25 dollars, it’s no surprise that most people in the country don’t seem to feel that their president is truly working to advance the best interests of workers. And they’d be right.

Moving on from domestic, Biden was never a reformer regarding foreign policy, either. In fact, during his tenure, he tried to do the least he could get away with. Can anyone blame him after the failure of Afghanistan? Yes.

But with the US being the biggest superpower in the world, the least he could do is to own the responsibility. He hasn’t. For Palestinians, Mexicans, and Latin Americans in general, he’s no better than Trump.

US Americans’ dissatisfaction with their leader is not misplaced. It is quite correctly placed.
The DNC is in an impossible situation. With Biden as their nominee, Trump is more likely to win. However, other than Biden, no one candidate is strong enough at the moment. An open primary is out of the question, but renominating him is still the wrong choice.

Even if he wins, Biden doesn’t have enough juice in him. At the end of a supposed second term, he’d be 86. I don’t want to repeat what has already been said, but at that age, simply put, no one should serve as president.

Biden failed because with the situation he created, the Democratic Party is destined to fail and lose the upcoming election. And when that happens, everyone will know who to point their fingers at. The loser, the failure.

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Fred is an 18-year-old writer sharing his many thoughts about American and Israeli politics. He was born in Budapest and since he was 11, he is also an Israeli citizen.
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