Biggest Threat to Israel

During our last Judaic Capstone class, the class as a whole discussed about how Iran has been the biggest threat to the State of Israel. There are several reasons why this country endangers the existence of Israel, however, we focused on the three main ones: the fact that Iran have been developing nuclear weapons (which may be used against Israel, if its government does anything that is opposing to what Iran’s government might believe in). Also, Iran is currently the largest country that funds terror, giving money to many terrorist organizations, such as Hamas and Hezbollah (one of the most well known terrorist organizations in the Middle East). Lastly, Iran has explicitly stated its desire to have regional control power, which means that its government has the goal of controlling the entire Middle East and Africa.

After getting to know more about the current situation that Israel faces against Iran, I decided to look for a few current events on the topic. I ended up finding an article that talks about how one of Iran’s army chiefs started making threats against the State of Israel. Those threats were made during this week, on Monday, September 18.

The Iranian army chief stated that his homeland, Iran, would lay waste to Tel-Aviv, Israel’s commercial capital (a city which is considered by the eyes of the rest of the world as the capital of Israel) if Israeli leaders “made any mistake”. The reason why those threats were made is the fact that Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, would have an U.N. General Assembly speech on the following day (Tuesday, September 19). Many believed that the main goal of the Prime Minister’s speech was exactly to talk about Iran’s growing influence in the Middle East. Therefore, the Iranian army chief simply made those terrible threats based on the fact he did not wanted to hear an Israeli leader to talk poorly about his country.

After receiving those threats from the Iranian chief army, Israel joined the United States and the Gulf Arab States with the goal of containing Iran’s desire of having regional power control over the Middle East/Africa. Then, Iran’s Major General, Abdolrahim Mousavi, stated that Israel will not exist in 25 years if its government keeps taking actions against Iran. The General also added in his statement that “We today, with the help of the great Lord, full of self-confidence and power, are ready to defend the ideals and values of the Islamic Revolution everywhere and and any level.”

Iran is the biggest threat today against the Israeli state. It has nuclear weapons, it founds terrorist organizations and it also have the desire of conquering geopolitical power. Iran is not only affecting people that live in Israel but also the people that lives in Iran. It is important to remember that Iran is always in conflictuous situations with other countries, which decreases the life quality of those people inside Iran. No one wants to live in a place that are constantly in conflicts. In my opinion people should educate more about this topic and share it with other people because what’s happening in Israel is real and Iran is actually a threat and soon it can become a worldwide problem.

About the Author
Morris Krysswas born in Brazil but has been living and studying in Miami for about five years.