Bigoted Jew-Baiting from an American President

Barack Obama seems to know no red line when it comes to attacking Israel and the American Jews who support it. Now he has openly and blatantly used the dual loyalty canard against U.S. Jews who support Israel and Senator Charles Schumer.

He is reacting like an old anti-Semite and he is behaving this way on national TV, with no shame.

Luckily for Mr. Obama he probably has enough pawns in high places, The New York Times and The Atlantic, to get away with his hurtful words towards Senator Schumer and American Jews.

They take in the Jew baiting, anti-Israel falsehoods and then spit the mantra right back out into print without thinking twice .

Obama believes Israel is interfering to much with inner American politics.

That’s patently ridiculous.

Whether Obama wants to admit it or not he secretly agreed to negotiations with Iran, behind the back of Israel, after promising Israel that that would never happen.

Then Secretary of State John Kerry, signed a deal that fails to incorporate any of the red lines they — or the U.N. — had set.

No matter how much Obama and Kerry try to bamboozle and hoodwink the public, they have signed a deal that lets Iran become a nuclear threshold state right now and a complete nuclear state in ten years.

Getting back to interference, Obama has had no problem trying from the second he arrived in the White House to have Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu brought down.

In the last Israeli elections, Obama openly backed Labor and went so far as to loan his campaign manager Jeremy Bird to oust Bibi.

Obama and Kerry also made it clear that there would be “A price to pay” if Bibi was elected again. As if they can just threaten Israelis into forgoing their democratic rights.

With the dual loyalty, and working for “lobbyist” attacks that Obama has tossed in the direction of American Jews and New York State Senator Charlie Schumer, it is hard to forget that is was Obama and Kerry who scolded Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for telling Israeli Jews to get out and vote because many Israeli Arabs were doing the same.

There is another term for Obama’s behavior other than bigoted anti-Semitism. It is called McCarthyism!

The truth is that a majority of Americans stand against this deal because it is bad. A majority of thinking, reading citizens of the world stand against this deal because it is horrendous.

Obama may fail to get his deal passed and he may even fail to be able to use his veto, because too many Americans are sick and tired of Obama’s lies.

What will he do then? How will he blame the Jews for that loss?

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Simon Fischler was born and raised in New York City. He underwent Heart Transplant surgery in 1993 in New York at the age of 15 and made Aliyah in 2001. Simon is happily married with three children.
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