Birth of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra

“The true artist does not create art as an end in itself; he creates art for human beings. Humanity is the goal.” – Bronislaw Huberman

einsteinIn 1936, legendary scientist Albert Einstein hosted one of the first major fundraisers at the Waldorf Astoria, securing the financial support needed to officially form what is now the leading symphony orchestra in Israel, The Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra.

Founded as the Palestine Orchestra by violinist Bronisław Huberman in 1936, at a time when many Jewish musicians were being fired from European orchestras, it’s inaugural concert took place in Tel Aviv on December 26, 1936, and was conducted by Arturo Toscanini.

The orchestra enjoys frequent international tours, and has performed under some of the world’s greatest conductors, including Leonard Bernstein and Zubin Mehta, who will be celebrating his birthday (80) in a special series of concerts this month*.




In addition to the gift of music they provide the world, the friends of the Philharmonic Orchestra was created in 1980 to formalize and broaden the relationship and tradition of giving back to the community.

They began an outreach program, called Keynotes that has reached over 29,000 children. Through teaching, mentoring and sponsoring, they have instilled the love of music and moved the hearts of many young listeners who wouldn’t otherwise have any access to these type of experiences.

Just as it is impossible to imagine life without music, as Shimon Peres, former President of Israel, Prime Minister and the Nobel Prize Laureate has stated, it is impossible to imagine the country without its Philharmonic Orchestra. Israel is both blessed, and a blessing to have this wonderful Orchestra to enjoy and share with the world, in all regions.


About the Author
Arielle Adler was born in the Netherlands and has lived in Israel since 1993. She is an International marketing, corporate communications and channel marketing professional with more than 10 years of experience at international B2B and B2C companies in various industries.