Bitter White House following Netanyahu Win

Obama aides ratcheted up their verbal attacks on PM Netanyahu following his win of the Israeli presidency. To Obama’s dismay, Bibi just barely clutched the required votes to hold on to the highest seat in the country. American President, in all likelihood, bit all of his fingernails as he anxiously awaited the results of the Israeli voting, praying that the hated Bibi finally lose his post. As Bibi’s victory became a certainty the morning after the elections, the US administration just could not mask its resentment and contempt towards the undefeated PM.

Not only did Obama not congratulate Bibi right away, as is customary, but he also had his aides attack the messages of Netanyahu’s platform and the Israeli leader himself. Understandably, Israel is a thorn in Obama’s side by questioning his negotiations with Iran and by not giving into Palestinian statehood demands; however, the intensity of the rhetoric directed towards Israel is mindboggling and unprecedented.
As soon as Bibi announced his win, the barrage of accusations against him commenced- from Bibi opposing creation of Palestinian State, to increased settlement activity and to the tone of the election campaign that “marginalized Arab-Israeli citizens” according to White House press secretary. Furthermore, US has warned Israel that it shall consider not using its veto power in UN to defend Israel against resolutions aimed at her.

To my knowledge, there have never been such acrimonious remarks towards Israel and/or her ruling party, let alone against any US ally.
Instead of using this opportunity of taking the high road and burying the hatchet with Bibi, Obama decided to bully the ally that so depends on it. This intimidation is purposefully done in public to underscore how resolved the US is to change its course vise a vise Israel.

The behavior and attitude of US administration should be a long overdue wake up call to the US Jewry on true feelings of Obama towards Israel. I hope that in the short time remaining of this presidency no lasting damage is done to the US-Israeli relationship and to Israel herself.

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Michael Levitis emigrated from Moscow, USSR to New York City in 1987. Educated by Yeshiva University in Jewish Studies, Finance and Law, Michael practiced law for over 10 years. Michael Levitis is an active participant and organizer of various Jewish and Israel related charity events and fundraisers. Currently, Michael Levitis is the editor-in-chief of, a website on topics of interest to the large Russian-American community in USA and an administrator of 12,000 members strong Russian Insider Facebook Group. Michael's son is studying in his first year of yeshiva in Jerusalem.
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