Silent heroes; parents who provide tools to inspire others

I came here to Israel from the United States 10 years ago and felt an instant connection to the Heartland of Israel; Judea & Samaria. The place of the narrative of our Bible and where the center of Jewish life was once many years ago.

Coming on aliyah I was asked many times over and over again if I thought that family was important to me being that I was leaving them for this “new” land. Of course family was important to me, and more than that, it was a priority. Therefore, I wanted to build my future family here in Israel. I try to inspire them to love their fellow Jew, to love their Torah as well as love this Land of Israel. Lets hope things work out for them in the future.

A few months ago I had a thought when creating an online boutique which showcases and promotes artists located in Judea and Samaria. Many of the dozens of artists are first generation in Judea and Samaria, and immigrants from other countries. There was one artist in particular who was second generation from Aliyah. This person in particular made me think a bit about my own children, their future. This artists name is Tamar Rund from Pnei Kedem, Gush Etzion.

Tamar Rund is an native English speaker who was born in the states and soon after moved to Israel as her parents made aliyah. She was raised in Gush Etzion with an emphasis on loving your fellow Jew, loving the Torah as well as loving and appreciating the Land of Israel.

Meeting Tamar Rund was like speaking to my future children, or at least whom I hope my children can be like. The spirituality, the appreciation, love and connection she has to this land is one which all parents can only dream their children can attain.

For artists who stare at a blank canvass, there are many factors which determines the final product which they create. Their mood, their inspiration, something they recently experienced or saw…and in the end, what is put on this canvass is part of them. One can determine if they were feeling free, alive, or closed and depressed by the final piece..

For Tamar Rund, her work shows her deep love and connection to the Land of Israel. Because Tamar never took for granted growing up in Israel even though this is all she knows. To her, every inch of the land and every one of its people, has beauty. That beauty is what inspires her art, becomes a part of her art, and is the essence of her art. This is turn becomes a reflection in the way she lives her life.

As for Tamar, I think we should all look to her upbringing as an example for all people throughout Israel. We should look at these silent heroes, her parents, who not only gave her the tools to paint, but also the tools to inspire others.

The following a few examples of her work which can be seen here.

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Gedaliah's life's focus, whether raising children or empowering small business owners, is to create new realities on the ground within Israel's Heartland. Director of the Bikurim, an "Economic Zionism" initiative, Gedaliah is attracting global support in order to take part in boosting the reestablishment of the Jewish people within their ancestral homeland.
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