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Blaming the Jews in Australia

On the 'warped' thinking of a town council that rejected a synagogue due to terror threats

An Australian local council has decided that Jews are a security risk because their presence poses a “potential terrorist threat.” Apparently, these local government representatives have (finally) worked out that Jews are a target of terrorism, and Bondi is such a jewel in the crown of Australian society that it is therefore “unsuitable for a synagogue because of the potential risk to users and other members of the general public”.

That’s right, they’ve pretty much said that because (Islamic) terrorists like to kill Jews that Jews should be banned… from Bondi at least.

Victim-blaming doesn’t get much worse than this. What’s next? Shall we ban women from going out unaccompanied to prevent sexual assaults? Close all petrol stations after dark to prevent robbery? Or will we just put Jews in a ghetto ‘to keep them (and us) safe’? And when the Jews are out of the way and Islamic terrorists move on to their next victim such as Christians or gays what will happen then?

This warped ‘thinking’ is a dire warning to us all. We should be shaking in our boots that a democratically-elected council (legislature) could pass such an irrational, anti-Jewish, and self-destructive decision and have it ratified by a court (judiciary). Australia is known for its multiculturalism, but when security concerns are swept under the carpet as ‘Islamophobia’ and Jews are banned from worshipping near the famous Bondi Beach for ‘security concerns’ there is no doubt that something has gone quite wrong.

The question is whether there is a will to fix it or is it too late.

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Mishka Gora is a Tasmanian writer and newfound member of the Diaspora. Trained as an historian but now devoted to the home education of her four children, she is passionate about illuminating the truth, both personal and political, in a world full of lies and propaganda. She is the author of 'Wellspring' and 'Fragments of War'.
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