Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Bless us

Bless us to realize that the world is intrinsically good.

Bless us to see the qualities in each other.

Bless us to find peaceful and harmonious ways to create a peaceful world.

Bless us to look at others not as adversaries, but as holding the keys to resolving and building.

Bless us to know when and how to defend ourselves and our family, and when and how to work with others to build a world of humanity.

Bless us to see what we need to do to improve ourselves, and to learn from the wisdom of others.

Bless us to want to help and care.

Bless us to be the best we can be, and even more.

Bless us to learn from our sages.

Bless us to have an optimistic view of life and its potentials.

Bless us to be who we are, our inner G-dly essential self, and to shine.

Bless us to be a nation that is a light to other nations, bringing warmth and comfort.

Bless us to see the good in the world, and in ourselves.

Bless us O Lord, to walk in Your ways.

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