Irwin E. Blank

Blood and Fire

During the time since the recent election in Israel, much has been made of prime minister Netanyahu’s declaration that there will be no “two state solution” during his administration. Regardless of the explanation that he has offered to the media all over the world, especially in the United states, his justification for his statement is being denigrated and ridiculed. Indeed, Netanyahu and Israel are again being pilloried as the enemies of peace in the Middle East.

True, in his well quoted speech at Bar Ilan University in 2009 when he publicly accepted the however ludicrous banality of accepting the two state solution, the time of that unfortunate and irresponsible statement is strikingly different than the times we face today in 2015. In 2009. there was no compact between the so-called “Palestinian authority” aand  the savage terrorist organization known as Hamas. Hamas, a retinue of bloodthirsty murderers, whose charter not only calls for the extermination of the Jewish state, but declares its intention to slay Jews all over the globe is now a member of a body whose main objective it exemplifies in its media, school curriculum and international audiences through oratory and diplomatic councils.

Furthermore, there was no Islamist terrorist body known as ISIS, whose demonstrated evil through videos of beheadings, crucifixions, stonings and mass executions of Syrian soldiers and innocent men, women and children of the Christian faith which, every day, is encroaching further eastwards from Iraq and southwards from the Golan Heights, seeks to engage Israel in a war of terror and violence.

Iran, the new Persian empire to be, arms, finances and trains the Hamas terrorists who have already unleashed several wars upon Israel through its barrages of thousands of missiles and mortar shells into Israeli communities stretching from the western Negev Desert to the reaches of Tel Aviv and beyond. This evil empire is ensconced among the Arab terrorists in Judea and Samaria along with Hamas, much closer to the most vulnerable and target rich part of Israel only, in some cases, less than 12 miles from the Mediterranean Sea and Ben Gurion Airport. Control of the hills of Samaria would bring most of Israel’s population and its most sensitive installations within a few minutes, if not seconds, range of enemy missiles.

Therefore, how can any responsible body of nations make demands of this tiny Jewish country to allow itself to be dismembered and, as a result of such dissection, allow itself to bleed to death under a torrent of steel and fire? The only answer to this colossal hubris, this incredible hypocrisy can only be hatred for the Jewish people and the desire to continue the Final solution to the Jewish Question-the two state solution-the inheritor of the Nazi program for the extermination of the Jewish people. It is indeed quite a coincidence that the six million Jews of Israel exist in the same number of those slaughtered by Hitler and his minions.

But let’s examine the incredible hypocrisy of those so-called “Great Powers” that are urging Israel to surrender her ancient homeland in bits and pieces. Russia, a nation that has destroyed numerous indigenous peoples with ins borders to seize their territory and decimate their native culture. Both under the Czars and the Communists, millions were slain or exiled to Siberia where they died slow deaths from forced labor, malnutrition and murder. Stalin, who slaughtered millions of Kulaks, Tartars, Ukrainians and others-killing tens of millions of people even before the Second World War .The communists, who sought to eradicate all religious practices, especially Judaism and Catholicism, where synagogues and churches were turned into stables, movie theatres and warehouses. Russia, a nation that stretches from the Baltic to the Pacific through centuries of genocide and imperialism now demands that Israel surrender her homeland?

France, an impotent and 5th rate power, whose own soldiers embarked on conquest in Algeria, Tunisia, Chad and southeast Asia. A civilization attempting to regain former glory, yet seated at the table of powers at the UN Security Council, only as a sop to  assuage the damaged ego of a defeated nation. A France still besotted with the anti-Semitism of the age of racism through the writings of Gobineau and the humiliation of Alfred Dreyfus. A nation that betrayed Israel in her darkest hours before the Six Day War by refusing to deliver aircraft already paid for and  a diplomat who referred to Israel as “a shitty nation.”  France, a nation whose military acumen may be compared to that of the Three Stooges.

China, a powerful Asian country, which illegally occupies Tibet, refusing to allow the people there to declare their independence. A government responsible for the slaughter of over 70 million of its own people and the supporter of North Korea, a rogue nation armed with nuclear weapons whose bellicose and belligerent leader threatens Japan and South Korea with nuclear immolation.China demands that Israel, a people as old as the Chinese, yet a nation that occupies the same territory, speaks the same language and upholds the same faith as it has done for 3000 years. By what right does China possess the qualification to judge the State of Israel?

Great Britain, probably the most imperialistic nation since the days of the Roman Empire-a society that conquered and slaughtered untold millions through out history on its rampage to conquer the known world. Great Britain, whose armed forces and imperial government refused entry to the “Palestine Mandate” to Jews fleeing for their lives from a Europe dominated by the Nazis. England, granted the mandate in 1919 with the promise to open the land for Jewish settlement, which also, illegally and deliberately, truncated the Hebrew homeland by 77% by giving Jewish land to the Hashemite, Abdullah, a refugee from the Saudi desert. now seeks to carve up the small territory that is left to the Jewish people? What ignominious hubris is this? After removing our Biblical heartland it now wants to cut off our limbs?

And last but not least, the so called friend of Israel, the United States. I have no argument with the American people, my contempt is for the sheer chutzpah (gall, hypocrisy and hatred) for its current leadership. The tactics of the man in the White House whose collaboration with known Jew haters such as the Rev. Wright, the Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan and the arch-terrorist propagandist, Rashid Khalidi, leave me no choice but to excoriate this nation whose entire history is redolent with the stench of genocide and the imperialism of Manifest Destiny.

By a planned and evil policy of extermination of its Native American peoples, in its mad dash to stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific, America committed crimes that beggar the imagination. Deliberate slaughter and relocations of Native people to concentration camps, known as “Indian reservations” where they still languish today. The fomenting of imperialist wars against Mexico in 1848, a war which even a Congressman from Illinois, named Abraham Lincoln, rose up in protest. The explosion in Havana Harbor in 1898 of the battleship, USS Maine, engineered by a cabal of “Yellow journalists” who created a war fever against a weak Spain, to seize her possessions in the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean to open up areas for American economic imperialism are only a couple of examples of the use of aggressive warfare to gain and hold territory. America is telling Israel, a nation that could easily fit into Lake Ontario, to surrender her precious land for peace???

These so-called great powers are nothing more than a collection of Jew hating nations and cowards who refuse to face down the Islamist threat in the world today. They are without honor or morality, for any morality that they once possessed has long since vanished, if they ever had any at all. Particularly the nations of Europe and the United states whose ever excuse to lecture Israel about morality and peace went up the ashes and flames of Auschwitz and Treblinka.

you know, the world has a short memory-except for the Jewish people. We recount history’s acts going back thousands of years. We remember all our heroes and our enemies. Our holidays recall times of joy and times of sorrow. But mostly we never forget anything that has happened that shades our collective fate today.

In March, 1938, a short 77 years ago, another great evil was on the rise. It demanded that a portion of a neighboring country be handed over to it for peace. It said that this act would terminate its demand for more territory, for the re-unification of its similarly language speaking peoples. The great nations of europe, at the time, without consulting the independent republic whose lands were about to be amputated, decided, in the interest of peace, to hand over lands that were not theirs to a regime that they truly feared. They believed that this act would ensure “peace in our time.”

The evil empire was Nazi Germany. The great powers were England and France and the lands they surrendered were part and parcel of the republic of Czechoslovakia. A tiny nation, recently independent, a proud people, who had absolutely no voice in this truncation of her sovereignty/ After goose stepping into this land, known as the Sudetenland, a mere five months later, Nazi hordes marched, unopposed, into the rest of Czechoslovakia without a mere whimper of protest from the British or the French whose Munich Pact, signed with the hope for peace, had just been trampled under the jackboots of the German Army.

Today Munich is the chamber of the UN Security Council. Today, the great powers and their lackeys, also want to ensure peace in their time in the Middle East, as their antecedents believed there would be peace in Europe. However, the nation that they seek to carve up, of course, in the name of peace in our time, is Israel-a nation even smaller than Czechoslovakia of 1938.

Well, Israel is not Czechoslovakia. We are not going to be the sacrifice that you demand because you are too fearful of confronting the Iranians just as you were fearful to confront the Nazis. We will not permit our homeland to be further dismembered, nor will we ever acquiesce in our own destruction to make you feel better. we will not permit our heartland to be torn from us in your mad desire to satisfy our enemies and your feckless cowardice in the face of the mad mullahs as your past leaders quaked and shook in their boots in the face of “Der Fuehrer.”

I am only one simple Israeli Jew but I swear on the faith of my people, that if you come to tear my land asunder, I shall meet you with all the strength that I can muster. I will fight you with the same determination as did my Maccabean forebears, with the same sword and steel that caused the mighty Roman Empire to fear for itself fighting the warriors of Bar Kochba and the determination of those who gave their lives for the restoration of Jewish sovereignty in our homeland after 2000 years of murder, persecution and exile.

When I was a young man growing up, there was a tune that I learned that has never left my heart and soul. It is a simple refrain, yet dramatic and meaningful. It recalls our ancient past and our determination never to be ripped from this blessed land again. It goes like this, I’ll translate it from the Hebrew so that you will understand it.

“In blood and fire Judea fell, In blood and fire, Judea will rise again.” If you dare to come here to destroy us again through your machinations of a two state solution, to tear the heart from my Jewish soul, I will meet you with blood and fire.

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.