Blood Libels against Jews in 2018

I defend the ideals of Freedom and Democracy, Peace, Zionism. I also like these concepts because they’re equalitarian and marry well together. I won’t judge now the hijacking of values by some guys. I mean about the real values, no decoys.

Above those beautiful and pure ideals, above equality, there’s also nobility. Our modern elites have etiquettes, smiles and codes of honor.

In the last days, Israel has been under a huge storm of media attacks, born in Gaza, conceived in “professional” laboratories by “excellent” scientists – But their goal is the destruction of Israel and their methodology rests on the falsification of the reality.

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In the last days, refusing to listen to the Israeli denials, some intellectual elites in some countries propagated a modern “blood libel”: “Jewish soldiers killed dozens of peaceful Arab protesters”. The message was relayed by your diplomats, politicians and journalists. It has badly hurted our image and fed antisemitism in your cities all over the world. This week, there has been a mediatic pogrom against Israel based on lies that international elites selected from among a range of available informations.

Then, in Gaza, the Head of Hamas, publicly announced his goal: the barbarian killings of civilian Jewish Israelis, including “tearing hearts and eating livers”… In parallel, Mr. Salah Bardawil, a Hamas official, admitted on TV that “the 50 peaceful demonstrators massacred by Israel” were actually fighters disguised as innocent civilians. To which the head of the Islamic Jihadi Holy Warriors outbidded – at least three of his guys were also among the “innocents peaceful protesters shot by Israel”.

This means that 90% of the casualties shot by the Israeli Defense Forces actually constitute a legitimate self-defense of Israel against Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Not killing them would have threatened Israeli soldiers and Jewish civilians near the border, would have led to atrocities. The notion of sovereign border so important to the stability in International relations would have also been eroded.

We don’t know for sure, yet, if the 5-10 unidentified casualties aren’t peaceful protesters. What we do absolutely know is that the IDF wants the minimum – if any – of Arab civilians dead. While, the Hamas, admits that maximum death on their side benefits to their media strategy. Israeli Defense Minister Mr. Avigdor Liberman called them “cannibals”.

So, although Israel Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu broadcasted the truth, proving that the “blood libel” against Israel was a fiction, bringing testimonies from the enemies themselves in case someone wouldn’t want to hear Jewish voices, we have not received yet corrections for your statements bashing Israel a few days ago. You’ve issued no apologies yet to the Jewish State for the damages that your reckless statements have provoked to Israel and the Jews all over the world.

Some have. First, we got an unconditional support at the UN from the US Ambassador, Mrs. Niki Haley, who knows whom to trust. We’ve also got a warm support from the Australian representative in an UN body supposed to care about Human Rights, against an Arab prince constantly obsessed with Israel. Australia, along the US, voted “no” to the lie.

We got also a real British gentleman asking sorry for his mistake. At tea-time on May 16, Parliament Member Mr. Nick Boles, admitted having been fooled by “Pallywood”, too quick to blame Israel the day before. His honest and kind apology showed nobility.

Three days after the horrible accusations launched at the Jews as they were, under strict ethical regulations, defending their borders along Gaza from a wave of barbarian, dangerous, fanatical and armed criminals, many of you have yet to modify your previous blood libels statements.

Bringing the truth to your People, for this specific topic, is important to us. Your Public should also know that professional diplomats haven’t even cared wishing us “Happy Holiday”. So, we are getting to this special week-end of Jewish holiday of “Shavuot”, on this Friday, May 18, with the echo of your lies spoiling our holiday, and without even a polite blessing. You did wish, though, Happy Ramadan to the Muslims (as we ourselves, do it) and May 2018 celebration sweet words to Christians or Seculars for the various upcoming festivals. But, with a few exceptions, the Jews didn’t hear your warm and best wishes for Shavuot at the eve of the holiday, when this article is published.

As Israel Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu said it, we will continue to respect the universal codes of honor: to protect our democracy, our freedom, our populations. We will do our utmost so as not to kill enemies unless they threaten us. Of course, we will avoid the killing of innocent civilians or hostages.

Wherever you are in the world, People, you should know that even if we may feel bitter towards your elites, we love you. We do believe that if your elites of self-calling “Intellectuals” manage to falsify the truth from you about Israel, the Jews or the war in the Middle-east, they very probably lie to you about other stuff. We remain at your disposal to assist you in unveiling those lies and thefts.

Many people and our friends know that nobility isn’t always where it seems. Against professional manipulation, your critical judgement filters the truth from the lies, preserves democracy from fraud and corruption. There is one theorem always valid, which you can trust at all times: Israel and its Defense Forces speak the truth. Nobility is Israel. Because, maybe, we are so equalitarian.

First published on Linkedin on Friday, May 18, 2018. The 4th day of Sivan, 5778.

About the Author
Jerome (Dan) Vitenberg is a seasoned political analyst with a deep understanding of international relations and a passion for fostering regional cooperation. His academic background, including an MA in Political Science from Tel-Aviv University, has equipped him with the expertise to analyze complex political issues and provide insightful commentary. He has extensive experience in teaching and mentoring students in political science and international relations, and his leadership skills have been further honed through his international involvement in academic program and school administration management. His trilingual fluency in French, English, and Hebrew further enhances his ability to connect with diverse audiences and contributes to international dialogue. Jerome is a Senior Scholar specializing in International Political & Security Analysis at Strategy International, a prominent think-tank ( His contributions to publications in the Times of Israel are solely reflective of his personal views and do not necessarily represent those of Strategy International.