Bloodthirsty Zionists

According to various sources such as Wikipedia and the Jewish Virtual Library, the total number of Arabs killed in the Arab Israeli conflict, including Palestinian terrorists and civilians, numbers approximately 91,000. This includes all wars and all Arab armies that have ever engaged the IDF in battle over a period of 70 years.

This gives us an average of 1,300 killed Arabs per year. Over the same period, Arabs have killed an average of 356 Israeli’s per year. The Syrian Civil War has cost approximately 480,000 people their lives. With this rate of killing it will take Israel 369 years to do what Arabs did to each other in Syria during the course of the Syrian civil war which lasted 6 years.

Alternatively: If Muslims were as bloodthirsty as Jews, the Syrian Civil war would have cost 7,800 people their lives over the course of 6 years. Had the Israeli-Arab conflict been as deadly as the Syrian Civil war, the death toll by now would be close to six million dead Palestinians: 5,600,000 deaths.

Regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict the total Palestinian casualties, civilian and combatants, including the 1948 war, the Fedayeen war, the battle of Karameh, the Lebanon war, and various other battles, Intifada’s and operations, numbers about 54,500 casualties over a period of 70 years. At this rate of killing it will take the Jewish state 616 years to reach the same body count as the Syrian civil war. Alternatively, if the Israelis were running the Syrian civil war, 475 329 people would have to crawl back out of their graves to return to life, and the death toll would plummet to 4,671. Also the UN would issue a condemnation.

If we only compare civilians, the Palestinian casualty count is approximately 20,000. The Syrian civilian casualty count is estimated at 100,000. This means it will take Israel 350 years to kill the same amount of civilians as have been killed in Syria over a period of 6 years.

Since Israel is committing a Holocaust and the total amount of deaths on the Palestinian side numbers approximately 54,500 over a period of 70 years, it will take Israel a mere 7,706 years to do to the Palestinians what Hitler did us in 5 years.

Of course Israel is not Syria people will say and Jews aren’t Muslims. To which I answer: Correct, the numbers speak for themselves.

About the Author
Born in Switzerland in 1973. Raised in Holland. My parents were Holocaust survivors.