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Jacob Maslow
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Boating Our Way Through Israel

Intercity buses offer the fastest and easiest way to travel in Israel, but I wanted something different for my family. We’ve done tours, been in buses, taken Israel Railways and have been packed into a sherut before.

We’ve had a lot of family adventures this year, but boating has always been on the backburner.

When I used to live in the States, you had about six months of good boating activities, and at least one of those months may be too cold to really enjoy yourself. Israel’s year-round sunshine makes it a great option for me, albeit one I often forget.

Boating allows you to experience an entirely different side of Israel.

Gondola in Ra’anana

Ra’anana’s beautiful park is perfect for the family. When you have kids with endless energy, Ra’anana is perfect. Taking a stroll around the park followed by watching wildlife is a lot of fun. The small zoo will keep younger kids entertained.

But the main attraction, at least for me, is the artificial lake.

The lake is picturesque, with swans, waterfowl and ducks. My younger children have always wanted to take a ride a Gondola, and Ra’anana offers an Italian Gondola ride for them to enjoy. You can also send your kids on a round trip train ride around the park if you need a break.

Solomon Mines Exploration

Timna National Park is a must-see. History has always fascinated my family members, and being able to go on a boat ride near Solomon’s Mines was definitely a great time. You’ll be able to tour the ancient copper plant for yourself.

But on the grounds is also a manmade lake which you can explore.

The lake offers free pedal boat rentals, but there’s so much more to do and explore. You can also ride bikes and hike around the ancient site. Filled with history, this is the site of the world’s first copper mines, and dates back 6,000 years.

Since the site was heavily updated in 2011, it’s a great place to go and explore. You’re also right near Eilat where you can also stop and go on a glass-bottom boat. It’s a great place to view exotic fish and colorful corals.

Party Boats in Tel Aviv

Have extra money to spend? You can rent a luxury yacht that leaves out of Marina Tel Aviv. The yacht is able to accommodate 15 to 40 people. It has a dance floor, eating area, sundeck, and it comes with a captain, too.

You won’t be sailing on Prestige Yachts, but you will be sailing on a 2010 yacht that spans 45-feet.

If you want a newer yacht to explore, you can also go to Motor Yacht in Herzliya Marina, which offers a Sea Ray 340 yacht for rent. You’ll be spending a small fortune on a newer yacht per hour, but if you have larger parties that will split the bill, it’s a great way to explore Israel.

You also have the option to explore grottos, raft on the River Jordan or take a boat out into the Sea of Galilee.

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