Bolsonaro sends a message to Jews worldwide on Holocaust Memorial Day

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, is hospitalized at Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo, where he will undergo surgery for the removal of the colostomy bag on Monday (28th).

From the Jewish institution he recorded a video with a message to the Jewish community worldwide on Holocaust Remembrance Day, on January 27th.

Bolsonaro appears on camera next to businessman Fabio Wajngarten, that holds a sign saying “we remember”. Emphasizing that he would like to participate in the events alluding the date, but was prevented by the hospitalization, the Brazilian president said that “This day is a landmark of freedom … and we, Brazilians, are freedom lovers.”

Addressing “the whole Jewish community around the world, especially in Brazil,” the politician announced: “My heart is with you. In all due respect to this date, I can say we  remember and always will.”


About the Author
Jarbas Aragao is a Brazilian and US educated writer. He has worked as a translator and journalist. Also graduated in Theology, he runs Gospel Prime one of the biggest Christian News websites in Brazil. He is also a regular contributor to CBN/Mundo Cristiano.