Daniel J Levy
Daniel J Levy

Book review: Palestine on a Plate: Memories from my mother’s kitchen

Given the plethora of boutiquey Israeli and Israeli-style recipe books (thank you Yotam Ottolenghi and co.) which have been released in the past few years, Joudie Kalla’s “Palestine in a Plate: Memories from my mother’s kitchen” is much welcomed and timely.

Palestine on a Plate: Memories from my mother's kitchen by Joudie Kalla (http://static1.squarespace.com/static/544fb33be4b066943bf7a38b/t/57363636c6fc0814565ed7fa/1467724880029/?format=1000w)
Palestine on a Plate: Memories from my mother’s kitchen by Joudie Kalla

Many of the dishes here will be familiar to those acquainted with Israeli cuisine, albeit with small twists: think a whole dish of hummus laced with yoghurt and poured over toasted pita wedges. Focusing more home than street or restaurant cooking, there’s a lot to play with here.  Although the requisite lamb and chicken recipes are present, there are also plenty of vegetarian dishes as well.

Well-written and designed with exquisite photography, my only real criticism would be the somewhat dubious suggestion of using tinned chickpeas to make hummus, but that’s relatively minor. Otherwise, this book is highly recommended, and makes a welcome addition to any Middle Eastern recipe book collection.

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