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Boots on the Ground – Notes from the Front II

Battleground Colorado
From the quaint towns across North Carolina and its diverse beauty, on to the rugged snow-capped mountains surrounding Denver, Colorado – where it’s official. Cory Gardner is way ahead in his bid for a Senate seat, or at least enough for some serious Republican breathing space.
With just a few days left, Cory can be seen smiling ​his way through rallies and public events, flanked by fellow running mates who seem to be hoping that charm will rub off on them too. The people of Colorado Springs welcome him as a fellow conservative on all issues, while others in the Denver area embrace his national security policies and are wary of his social agenda. But no doubt about it – he’s energized and already poised as a U.S. Senator.
Gardner on campaign trail, with Gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez
People in Colorado are a mixed breed – liberals, conservatives, enjoying their variety – but they share a sense of relaxed ease. Maybe it’s the mountain air – I’ve been reminded to drink water some umpteen times – or the distance from bustling cities. The hospitality and smiles are apparent all around and the majestic mountains lend an obvious perspective.
Makes me want to use my time wisely, to know our place on this earth is finite and there is something larger than ourselves. There’s room to reach out to our fellow people, connect and work together. Find the common ground, do the right thing. It’s all here, somehow.
Focus on Congress:
Congressman Doug Lamborn is tireless on his legislative efforts on behalf of Israel, most recently stopping Iran from sending a terrorist as ambassador to the US, and looking out for us on Armed Services.
He and his wife Jeanie also taught me that it’s ok to play hookie in such a beautiful setting.
Did YOU mail in your ballot yet?
Our leading volunteers enjoyed a conference call with Congressman Lamborn, discussing US interests and the national-policy-centric campaign, and what we will continue to do together to advocate and legislate for Israel.
Special shout out to my Cleveland connection and new extended friends who opened their homes and hearts to this Israeli on the road.
Republicans, one down, five more to go. That’s my bet.
p.s. Thoughts on the road: Travel has its challenges, and for a professional woman it usually means changing clothes in strange places. For me, this time it was shoes. And yes, someone is going to be quite surprised when they enter the airport bathroom stall and see my beautiful black high heels just sitting there, forgotten… (More, on my personal blog).
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Ruth Lieberman is an Israeli-based political consultant and licensed tour guide, combining her love of Israel with political acumen to better Israel's standing both at home and in the eyes of the world. She has consulted for political leaders in Jerusalem and in Washington, from work on election campaigns to public advocacy and events. Her tours in Israel connect Biblical history to modern realities, to highlight Israel's achievements and promote its policies. She's also added 'archaeologist' to her title, working on an advanced degree in the field.
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