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Both Biden and Trump are Bad News for Jews

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From the DNC to the GOP, antisemitism casts a lengthening shadow, darkening the public square. It’s an issue that transcends party lines, manifesting across the spectrum from grassroots to treetops. In this climate, neither President Biden nor former President Trump are exempt; both have, wittingly or unwittingly, supported narratives or enacted policies harmful to Israel, and encouraged the spread of antisemitic rhetoric. These missteps are glaring, standing out prominently even against the backdrop of others policies that have garnered broad support within the Jewish community.

Let’s begin with Mr. Trump. To his credit, several of his administration’s accomplishments are noteworthy:

  •  The once and (possibly) future President formally recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel and relocated the American embassy from Tel Aviv to the southern part of the Capital.
  • In May 2018, the U.S. exited the JCPOA, or the ‘Iran nuclear deal,’ then tightened and broadened sanctions on Iran, affecting its oil, shipping, and banking sectors. This move signaled a clear stance against an Iranian regime that supported groups hostile to Israel, like Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis that agitate for Israel’s destruction.
  • The Abraham Accords, spearheaded by key figures in Trump’s administration such as Mike Pompeo, David Friedman, Jared Kushner, and Avi Berkowitz, marked a significant achievement in foreign policy. These agreements between Israel and several Arab nations, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, and Morocco, not only advanced Israel’s regional integration but also established a formal strategic alliance aimed at countering Iran’s influence.

On the downside, White Supremacy groups and personalities have gravitated to Trump, ike blowflies to manure. Trump has a terrible habit of coy equivocations involving Neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers, at least for those who profess loyalty to MAGA. Of such groups and their detractors, Trump famously noted that there were “very fine people on both sides.”

Trump remains an unapologetic admirer of strongman autocrats. In recent headlines, the former President called Hitler a “tough guy,” and hailed the Fuhrer’s revival of the German economy. Jews remember things a little differently: the 1930’s movement to ‘Make Germany Great Again’ was not the sort of rising tide that lifted all boats.

Trump’s hero-worship of Vladimir Putin is alarming, though many ignore the alarm bells like a fire drill. After Mad Vlad’s invasion of Ukraine, such indifference is truly at our own peril. Following October 7th, the IDF discovered Russian-sourced weapons, ammunition, as well as anti-aircraft and anti-tank armaments in Hamas possession. On October 27, Putin smugly hosted a delegation of Hamas representatives, including Mousa Abu Marzouk, mostly to thumb his nose at the West. Russia is also a stalwart buyer and co-producer of Iran’s Shahed 131/136 attack drones. For Zionists, Trump’s admiration of a man who openly allies with Israel’s worst enemies is truly unjustifiable.

Now, what of Joe Biden? For three years, his policies in the Middle East left much to be desired. However, I will confess to being incredibly moved by President Biden’s visit to Israel on October 18th. In those first painful days, the President’s words touched the hearts of Jews around the globe, and moved many to tears (myself included). Since October, the Biden Administration has coordinated over a hundred shipments of military aid to Israel, a show of confidence as the IDF hunts Hamas and defends its borders against multi-front attack. But in early February,  President Biden’s  rhetoric and policies made a hard turn against Israel and her national unity government. In an op-ed in the WSJ,  Elliot Kaufman summed up what’s going on:

“[E]very day in February and early March seemed to bring a new U.S. shot across Israel’s bow—an unprecedented sanctions regime; new strings attached to weapons transfers; Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s call for a “timebound, irreversible path to a Palestinian state”; a turn against the war effort, which Mr. Biden called “over the top”; loud opposition to an offensive in Rafah, now termed a “red line”; a new policy deeming all settlements illegal; blame pinned on Israel for humanitarian aid problems; calls for an “immediate cease-fire”; and leaks that the U.S. could demand its weapons not be used in Rafah.

Meanwhile, the president no longer speaks about defeating Hamas, let alone destroying it. Victory is off his list of priorities—and Israelis worry that Mr. Biden is the most pro-Israel member of his administration. Where American words gave Israelis succor after Oct. 7, they now confound and demoralize the country. According to a senior Israeli official, Mr. Blinken “says it right in your face: ‘You can’t win.’

The change in tone has proved a boon for Hamas morale. U.S. pressure to delay a Rafah invasion removed any incentive for Hamas to engage in genuine negotiations. Meanwhile, aid falls on Gaza like manna from the sky, relieving Hamas of the intense domestic pressure that led to the first hostage exchange. For the terror group’s leadership, this year’s Ramadan is like 30 days of Christmas.

For American Jews, President Biden’s political about-face is not just a betrayal of his “rock-solid support”; it is a deliberate capitulation to the political clout of a bloc of voters espousing the vilest forms of Jewish hatred imaginable. Every day brings encounters with protesters who cry for the destruction of Israel, chanting “from the River to the Sea – Palestine Free” with unnerving fervor. Demonstrators, emboldened by faculty endorsements, traverse university campuses, deface government properties under the guise of free speech protected by law enforcement, and brazenly disrupt Jewish religious and cultural gatherings—even spewing hatred adjacent to Holocaust memorials. They libel Israel with a thousand lies, from non-existent apartheid to imaginary genocide. Biden’s response is to “peace-wash” their ambitions by “white-shaming” Israel with statements about ‘human rights, humanitarian aid, innocent civilians, Ramadan and religious freedom.’ It’s the usual crap about how those colonialist Jews must offer concessions because Palestinians deserve a second state. (The first was Jordan.) No one is fooled. Hassan Nasrallah was so delighted by Biden’s new semantics and sanctions against settlers and Bibi’s government that he has gleefully predicted that Israel was on its way to losing the war.

I wish the folks at AIPAC might learn a thing or two from the Muslim-American lobby. Ditto the Republican Jewish Coalition and the Jewish Democratic Council of America. Left-wing Arab-American interest groups, aligned with Democratic Party, actively harass and threaten Joe Biden and the DNC. And they’ve gotten results. Instead of condemning leftist antisemitism, Biden stoops to gathering their votes. How is this different from Trump’s solicitation of white nationalists with his prodigious and distastefully crude anti-immigrant rhetoric? I fail to see a meaningful distinction.

If you are Jewish Democrat or Jewish Republican, I would like to offer a suggestion: Perhaps the time has come for Jews on the Left and Right to police their own Parties. Instead of preaching at the “fool” on the other side of the aisle, attack the anti-semitism and anti-zionism among fellow travelers. We’ll have far greater impact talking sister to sister and brother to brother. We have immense powers of influence at our disposal.  Between our voices and our votes, our wallets and the written word, it is not too late to turn the tables. There are only 15 million Jews upon the Earth. Four out of five of us live in either the United States or Israel. We are not spoiled for choice. Freedom is never given, it must always be fought for and earned.

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Yehuda Hausman lives in Los Angeles in the Pico-Robertson area. He is married with two beautiful children in local Day Schools. He fantasizes about making aliyah and bringing Pickleball to Eretz Yisrael. He thinks it's the perfect sport for the country.
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