Richard Block
A Leading American Rabbi

Boycott Israel? Then Boycott Its Lifesaving Advances

Israel’s detractors often demand that corporations, academic institutions and others boycott the Jewish State. The First Amendment guarantees free speech, but it does not justify self-righteousness, self-contradiction or self-sabotage. Nor can it disguise the critics’ failure to impact Israel or advance the cause of peace. And it cannot excuse their contribution to the rising tide of antisemitism, especially on campus, where Jewish students and faculty increasingly feel unsafe. As a citizen and part time resident of Israel, I am acutely aware of its errors and imperfections and the many things that need to change to realize fully its founders’ vision, but these do not justify willful ignorance or dismissal of its virtues and achievements or, worse, perverse attempts to weaponize them. So, here, for the enlightenment of Israel’s denigrators and admirers alike, is a sampling of its medical, scientific, cultural, diplomatic and humanitarian achievements in 2022, many of them lifesaving or life-enhancing. To be morally and logically consistent, boycott advocates should shun those too, even if it kills them. Or, they could abandon fruitless, hypocritical posturing for constructive engagement. That could accomplish something positive and allow them to benefit from Israel’s transformative innovations with a measure of integrity.

Blasting tumors with nanobubbles in the bloodstream

Israeli hospital launches a clinic for Arab residents in the territories – “We want to bring health to everyone.”

Lifesaving breakthrough for heart disease

Reducing metastases in colon and rectal cancer

7 Promising breakthroughs in inflammatory bowel disease

Fighting metastasis of melanoma to brain

A potentially significant breakthrough in diagnosing Parkinson’s

Anti-COVID antibodies could eliminate boosters

Cancer therapy that could change the world

Groundbreaking brain cancer study

Saving the faces of children in Africa

Potential fertility breakthrough

A blood test to detect schizophrenia

Breast implants linked to autoimmune disease, mental problems

Rejuvenating human organs

Young Israelis, Moroccans build person-to-person ties

A “new era” of ALS treatment

Predicting heart failure by voice analysis

4 South Sudan kids get-life saving open heart surgery in Israel (and last week, the 3000th Palestinian child!)

Potentially dramatic reduction in breast cancer relapse

First lymph node transplantation in Israel

A blood test to detect fetal abnormalities at week 10

Creating food and energy at once

Israel’s Galilee, “The Tuscany of Israel” One of CNTraveler’s Top 23 destinations for 2023

All that jazz! A world jazz powerhouse!

Preventing the needless destruction of billions of male chicks

Uncovering the cause of ADHD

Israel is 5th safest country in the world for tourists

Getting the ball rolling toward peace

Israeli study: Intensive aerobic exercise reduces risk of cancer metastasis by 72%

Where there’s fire, there’s food

Helping Ukrainians keep warm

A breakthrough producing “green” hydrogen fuel

Israeli innovators at the forefront addressing climate challenges

Animals and People: Partners in healing

Moroccan etrogs: Fruits of peace

Israeli nanotech: Reducing chemo’s side-effects

An encouraging step toward civil marriage in Israel

Prototype electric airplane takes 1st flight

Promoting Arab participation in hi tech

5 minute electric battery charging

Avocado innovation bearing fruit

Promoting entrepreneurship by Bedouin women

Using nanotechnology to fight cancer

World’s largest, most innovative ER opens

Teaching Ukrainian experts to treat war trauma

New cancer treatment fools immune system to attack

Helping paralyzed people walk again: A promising new method

Israel to open 1st LGBT center for Arab youth

Israeli study: Vitamin D helps fight COVID

Groundbreaking cancer treatments approved in Israel

Saving lives worldwide: Israel’s search and rescue teams

A “neurodiverse” kibbutz: a remarkable, uniquely Israeli community

Using Innovation to Combat Heatwaves

Israel stopped Iranian hackers from harming U.S. power plants

Israel liberalizes abortion rules after U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade

Israel to help EU reduce dependency on Russian energy

Groundbreaking treatment for HIV/AIDS

Detecting COVID-19 in 20 seconds

Tech collaboration agreement with Morocco

Advances in treating autism and schizophrenia

First Muslim, two women: Israel’s newest Supreme Court Justices

Israeli Innovation: The future of medical robotics

On the front line in detecting COVID variants

Israel and UAE: Partners in Space

Saving a life, saving a whole world

A great leap forward for scientific research in space

Leading an unprecedented revolution in urban mobility

World-leading Israeli study: 4th Covid shot saves lives

Arab Accords foreign ministers to meet in Israel

Israel and Morocco cooperation in civilian aerospace projects

Israel first country to launch field hospital in Ukraine

Israeli medical clowns bringing smiles to Ukraine refugee kids in Moldova

Israel gas pipeline could supply Europe

A Hopeful Development in Fertility

Girl from Myanmar undergoes heart surgery in Israel

Israeli Doctors Treat Ukrainians via Tech

Israeli medical delegation assisting Ukrainian refugees

Tapping untapped talent – helping Israel’s minorities find high- tech jobs

Historic pragmatism from Israel’s most important Arab leader

Israel scientists: Prenatal ultrasound can sometimes spot signs of autism

Integrating Arab workers into Israel’s high tech sector

Green Mediteranean diet may slow brain atrophy

Israeli researchers reveal ‘Achilles Heel’ of pancreatic cancer

Using technology to help the world’s trees

8 tiny satellites built by Israeli junior high school students launched into space

Personalized medicine in Israel: The future is now.

Sight restored using material from patient’s shin bone


About the Author
Rabbi Richard Block is Past President and Chairs the Past Presidents Council of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, the rabbinic leadership organization of Reform Judaism, Senior Rabbi Emeritus of The Temple - Tifereth Israel, Cleveland, OH and Rabbi Emeritus of Congregation Beth Am, Los Altos Hills, CA. Newsweek Magazine has recognized him as "one of the top 25 pulpit rabbis in America." He is a dual citizen of the U.S. and Israel