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Branding Israel, I am Blue and White Made In Israel

In May 30, 2011 I wrote an article The Blue and White Logo Signifies ‘I Am Made In Israel’

It appears that Israel is facing the same problems, i.e., boycotts and illegal labelling. For that matter, it is time to update and recapture the issue for the public consumption.

At the end of the 20th century and during the first part of the 21st century, Israel has invented, created and produced some of the most amazing products and technologies, and the array of food products she produces and exports worldwide are amongst the best the world over. Yet, Israel has not been able to be fully accredit for her phenomenal, technology, products and produce achievements.

Only if and when Israel finally recognizes her, all around, strength, of being amongst the best in so many areas, and she owns this fact, the boycotting delegitimization and now phony labeling issue she is facing and fighting will no longer be effective. Then the European Union (UN), the United Nations (UN) and all other pro-anti-Israel dogmas will no longer be able to brand the Jewish state as a pariah state or use double standards against her.

As a whole, the majority of individuals in the world are not obsessed with Israel in any way. Family ‘stuff’, work and recreation, amongst many other matters, take a much higher priority than to worry what the State of Israel is or is not doing. In that case, when the vast majority of the population in most countries start noticing a new tag, or label, on electronic or food and produce items, which they are seeing and buying in the stores, new awareness will enter their subconscious. When the public will see a small, blue and white shape with a Star of David in its center appearing on each item, that means, it was made or developed in Israel, all of a sudden, not only they will be educated how much Israel is contributing to world economy, but they will start developing a positive association with the Jewish State. Israel. The consumers may not be interested in wars or the Israeli and/or Arab-“Palestinian” conflict issues, but, precisely like that little Intel chip logo, when they start seeing the ‘Made in Israel’ blue-white-David Shield logo, on more and more of the products they purchase and use, that is a pretty powerful and positive association with Israel, isn’t it?

No need for the art of words, no need for pictures or explanations, just a small, blue and white logo, will do the talking and the seeing. I am certain the blue and white logo will eventually become more recognizable than the Intel logo.

Made In Israel Label
Made In Israel Label

Instead of Israel being worried and afraid of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) Campaigns, simply challenge them to try get along without products with an Israeli connection. Be proud of what is invented and is made in Israel and trust that people want to buy the best products available and they are smart enough to know that Israeli products are good and the Israeli People are simply good guys. Instead of being worried about that BDS group, made of noisy, indoctrinated, viciously naïve, willful idiots radicals, who were sold a pack of distortion, half truths and lies by the very same groups who have kept the Arab-“Palestinians” in squalor, as a ‘showcase’ for political cause and propaganda, Israel must trust the majority of the population who knows better and finally let the truth win right out. Yes, It is true, the Israelis are and always have been the good guys.

The Government of Israel, wake up! You need to stop selling Israeli goods to whatever nation under a disguise. Your technology and quality of goods is too valuable to be hidden and kept under the radar. If any nation do not want to buy the best, then let them buy from others. The choice is theirs. You must know that there are many items they cannot buy from anyone else in the world, therefore, why allow them to make you small, insignificant and belittle you?

Israel must announce and proudly display what she has invented and created. Simply put a small emblem on every single product that, as much as even contains one tiny part that was developed or produced in Israel.

Israel must proudly brand its accomplishments. If the Arabs, the anti-Semites and the hypocrites of all sorts can make a better product or food item, let them try — but let the brand of ‘Made In Israel’ stand proudly behind all the good things the State of Israel shares with the world.

Let every medical device or medicine, every piece of technology, together with every piece of food or produce, from oranges and cucumbers, to tomatoes and apples, and even wine and flowers, be the symbol that represents the Israeli Parliament-Knesset and the Jewish People they represent.

If an part, whether invented or produced by Israel, is inside a telephone, whether it is Panasonic or Motorola, or in a computer, simply rewrite the marketing contract that must mandate to display the blue-white Israeli Parliament-Knesset Symbol on the device and the packaging, and that mandate must be non-negotiable, as it is a mandate from the government of Israel. Enough is enough already. End walking on egg shells.

Let these symbols proudly announce ‘I Am From Israel,’ ‘I Am What The Jewish People Give To The World.’

Isn’t this a better, more productive and probably more effective way, than trying to fight the boycott and divestment and the useful idiots on the Left camps, both, within Israel and the Diaspora?

If an Arab country does not permit an Israeli passport holder, or even an individual carrying a passport stamped by Israel’s custom authorities, to enter into their country, let alone products made in Israel, let them know they are the ones who are missing out because of the bias and wrongful politics. Israel is proud of who she is, what she stands for and what she does.

Israel should also list the aid she gives to the Arab-“Palestinians”, together with the commerce it provides to them.

The world respects Israel when she is strong; remember her strength during and after the Six Day War victory, the mission impossible rescue from Entebbe, the elimination of the Osirak nuclear reactor on Iraqi, to name a few. Israel’s medical corp. was the first to arrive in earthquake stricken Haiti where they opened the first field hospital and Israeli invention had much to do with saving the life of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Bring the awareness of Israel’s contribution to the world to everyone’s life; make it so well known that Israel’s enemies will not be able to hide behind their lies, for instance, the farce so many adopted that Israel is causing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Israel must take back its pride and stop lurking in back doors. Brand it ‘Made In Israel’ and be proud!

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Nurit is an advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States and the Free World in general and sees Israel and the United States, equally, as the last two forts of true democratic freedom. Since 2006, she has been writing about events in these two countries. From Southern California, Nurit believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.