Noson Waintman

Break Bread: Not Heads!

Let’s “Deother” Through Eating Together.

Are we still supposed to be worried about the fissures in Israel? Brother against brother? Or now that the Judicial Reforms have been scaled back/pulled we are not?

Well, we should be. These protests exposed a great divide in this country and an unhealthy one. And like all breaches, they cannot be closed by those who pry at them.

No, breaches cannot be closed by leaders on either side.

Breaches cannot be closed by pouring into the streets. Breaches can’t be closed by being “brave.” Life is not Le Miserable.

Breaches are closed by bread broken by people who disagree. Keto diets notwithstanding…

Thousands of years of human history and the experience of societies all over the world show the way to bring people together is for them to break bread together.

Of course, it is not in the interest of politicians and activists to encourage this, but it is in the interest of us… and our society.

It is in the interest of ordinary people. Everyone has to eat. And everyone has to live together.

So please consider inviting someone who disagrees to eat with you. Invite them for the barbeque or the dairy Chag meal.

If they don’t eat your food, take them to that vegan or very mehadrin restaurant.

Let us stop “othering” those we disagree with and start “deothering” them.

We may not be celebrated for doing so, but our grandchildren will thank us.

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Noson Waintman obtained his M.S. from the Zicklin School of Business of the City University of New York and his B.A. and Rabbinic ordination from Yeshiva University. A native of Canada, he currently resides in Rehovot, Israel.
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