Breaking The Bonds of Betrayal With Obama’s Dream Team: Hamas & Fatah


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“Betrayal is the only truth that sticks.” ― Arthur Miller

Prime Minister Netanyahu is said to be deeply disappointed in the United States and the EU supporting the new unity government between the PLO/Fatah & Hamas.  And for good reason since Hamas is a designated terror group.

This betrayal by Barack Obama is outrageous but not surprising. Other groups such as the EU and UN have followed Obama’s example and have aligned themselves with this betrayal of Israel and the Jewish people with their support of this unity government as well.

According to a recent IDF Investigation Report:

“Israel’s investigation of a major Hamas operative revealed several aspects of the organization’s violence and its various methods to fund terror.”

The investigation revealed:  

“He (Mahmoud Mohammad Issa Tuama), admitted that, until recently, the organization received most of its funding from the government of Iran, which is known to fund terror activities throughout the globe. In the past year, Iran stopped its funding to Hamas, which created economic distress within the terrorist organization.

Tuama revealed that Hamas is behind the projects of the Islamic Movement Institution, Omara al Aqsa that acted to prevent visits of Jews in the Temple Mount using an array of hundreds of activists who stayed at the Temple Mount compound day and night.In recent months, the institution carried out increased violence at the Temple Mount. In some of these incidents, Israeli police had to close the Mount for visits of Jewish people.

Late last year, the ISA and Israeli police administratively closed the institution after discovering its links to Hamas and the Islamic Movement, sometimes for violent purposes.”

The following Video from Palestinian Media Watch shows the Hamas Leader advocating resistance in order to liberate the West Bank and the rest of “Palestine.”

We haven’t even mentioned the thousands of rockets, even since the total withdrawal of all Jews from the area, which have been fired by Hamas from Gaza into Israeli civilian population areas.

These actions and words from the leadership are not surprising since the Charter of Hamas calls for the destruction of the State of Israel.

With all this evidence pointing to a monstrous entity bent on killing Jews and destroying Israel it would seem to be an obvious no brainer that Barrack Obama would call for the cutting off of all ties with such a group until they reformed and renounced their destructive and murderous practices.

In a YNet article published on June 4, 2014, John Kerry stated:

“We are going to be watching (the government) very closely, as we said from day one, to absolutely ensure that it upholds each of those things it has talked about, that it doesn’t cross the line,” Kerry said.

As already documented, many, many lines have already been crossed and they are all ignored.

Observing the situation it would appear that there have been negotiations behind the scenes, as has been reported, so that when the news of the unity government was announced, there would be the support of Obama’s government.  Of course this is being denied.

We sort of expect the EU and the UN to side with the terror entity Hamas, since their agendas and sympathies, already lean in that direction. What we don’t expect is the man who is to uphold freedom, democracy and values of Western civilization, to side with a known terror group against the only democracy in the Middle East and an ally of the United States.

He has a moral obligation to protect and safeguard the only Jewish homeland in the world, not side with those who wish to destroy it. To not do so is a betrayal to Israel, the Jewish people, US citizens and Western civilization as a whole.

As Obama supports murderous thugs bent on Israel’s destruction, he himself becomes one of them. In continuation of the betrayal is the fact that the US will keep funding the PA Unity Terror Group which is against US Law.

According to Jonathan Tobin in his article in Commentary:

“But as frustrating as this betrayal may be for the broad bipartisan pro-Israel coalition in Washington, this is not just a matter of bad policy. By keeping U.S. taxpayer dollars flowing to the PA, the administration is breaking the law. This cannot be allowed to stand.

Though the president will be able to use the waivers included in the legislation to violate the clear intent of the legislation, Congress must exact a price for this underhanded subterfuge.Though the president can’t be directly stopped from giving the aid, this extralegal maneuver must be countered by either new legislation that prevents him from funding terrorists or by cuts in allocations to the State Department and future foreign aid bills.”

In order to protect his country and citizenry, Prime Minister Netanyahu held a Security Cabinet meeting on June 2, 2014, making an announcement to set in place some protection against the unity government declaration.

The Prime Minister and his cabinet reiterated their decision from April 24, 2014, to not negotiate with a Palestinian government that relies on Hamas, a terrorist organization which calls for the destruction of Israel.

The rest of the announcements were in the spirit of the first. And they include: to act, including in the international arena, against the participation of terrorist organizations in elections. They authorize the Prime Minister to impose additional sanctions on the Palestinian Authority and, to hold the Palestinian Authority responsible for all actions that harm the security of Israel which originate in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip; and finally, to form a team to consider ways of action given the new reality that has been created and ahead of diplomatic and security situations that will be created in the future.

With the US, the EU and the UN  abandoning all reason and sanity in order to side with a known terrorist organization, where can the Prime Minister of Israel turn for help and support, from a diplomatic and legal standpoint,  to  uphold  the stance of rejecting terrorist groups as negotiating partners and holding them accountable for their actions?

It appears the Prime Minister has an ally after all, as it has been posted by Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs,  and reported in The Washington Free Beacon, June 6, 2014, By Adam Kredo, “Congress Seeks to Designate New Palestinian Gov’t as a Terror Org.”

New resolution pushes to cut aid, dissolve new Palestinian unity gov’t

“House lawmakers are currently pushing a resolution to classify the newly formed Palestinian unity government as a foreign terrorist organization and cut off U.S. aid following the formation of a new ruling body that includes the terror group Hamas, according to a copy of the draft resolution obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The new resolution, sponsored by Reps. Michele Bachmann (R., Minn.) and Trent Franks (R., Ariz.), calls on the State Department to designate the Palestinian Authority (PA) and its new Hamas-backed unity government as a terrorist organization. The resolution is expected to be introduced Monday. It additionally calls for the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) to be reclassified as a terror group and for the U.S. government to fully cut aid to the Palestinians, who have received around $5 billion in bilateral assistance since the 1990s.”

The report concludes: “Capitol Hill insiders maintain that the Obama administration is violating the law and that Congress is prepared to crack down on the PA. The law here is crystal clear: we must limit aid to the Palestinian Authority should it formally associate itself with Hamas,” said one senior House aide working on the issue.

“However, the Obama administration is likely to dodge this requirement in order to keep its failed peace process on life support. Is the White House really prepared to defend sending taxpayer dollars to a government that includes a terrorist organization?”

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